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Castoffs to Critters

Robert Justin, a popular New Jersey primitive and


visionary, opens a solo show entitled "Man at Work" at the

WPA Gallery of the Arts Council of Princeton with a reception, Friday,

January 4, from 6 to 8 p.m. His whimsical artworks made of recycled

materials are enjoyed by viewers of all ages. The show also kicks

off Justin’s January hands-on workshops for schoolchildren.

"As a boy I roamed the town dump seeking the scraps of society

which I made into toys," says Justin. "Today my workshop is

in the midst of a junk/scrapyard flea market where unusual reusables

abound. Treasures are chosen because of their unusual texture, shape,

or where numbers and the mystery they exude when combined together

and reborn," says Justin.

"I was reborn myself when I made my first critter in 1993. I had

never intended to create art or effigy, but to give form and substance

to the many visions I have always seen in things. Children have always

seen the essence and personality in my critters.They know all objects

have another life awaiting the magic of discovery. I anxiously await

participating through my critters in the beginning of their


Robert Justin, Arts Council of Princeton, 102


Street, 609-924-8777. Opening reception for Robert Justin’s solo show

"Man at Work." Show runs to January 30. Free. Friday,


4, 6 to 8 p.m.

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