Fall is here, which brings outdoor activities, harvest festivals, biking, hiking, swimming, and lots of fun. It is the perfect time of year to be outside and enjoy life. Visit Caruso Physical Therapy and Nutrition, located on Yardville-Allentown Road, your one-stop location for Physical Therapy, Nutrition, and Pilates Reformer. By using a combination of all three services, husband and wife team Dr. Joseph P. and Olivia A. Caruso can help you regain your life and enjoy your activities again.

The Carusos have always had a passion for wellness and fitness, eating healthfully, and working out, which led them to opening their clinic where they could and guide people in their goals for a healthy lifestyle.

Joseph is a doctor of physical therapy. He has experience in orthopaedics and sports medicine in manual-based physical therapy. Olivia is a registered dietitian/nutritionist, certified by the American Dietetic Association.

“Study confirms the obesity-cancer link. You can’t change your genes, but you can control your weight.” This is Olivia Caruso’s approach to nutrition. She provides assessments, individual and group counseling, education, screening, and monitoring of patients with relevant interventions pertaining to their nutritional needs.

“Everyone who comes in, I do an evaluation with them. I develop a process that works for them in achieving optimal health,” explains Olivia. She works with her patients so that the adjustments to their diet will not feel too daunting.

“Our physical therapy is very different. We offer a new kind of physical therapy,” explains Olivia. “We don’t use aides or assistants. The doctor is with you the whole time. What we offer is unique one-on-one care with the doctor during each and every visit.” This helps the patient reach goals quicker and require fewer visits, saving time and money.

A third component to their practice is Pilates. Andria Angelico and Jennifer Marcus are the Pilates Reformer instructors at Caruso Physical Therapy and Nutrition. The benefit to including Pilates Reformer sessions is that a doctor of physical therapy is on-site to help you when you need it. He will make sure your questions are answered, keep you free from injuries, and help you avoid future injuries. The Pilates Reformer adjusts to meet your exercise needs.

Adds Olivia: “It is nice to have all three options — physical therapy, nutrition, and health — in one facility” to best help you achieve your wellness and health goals. Joe and Olivia are always on site. A lot of our patients come in for more than one service. “I’ll check in with my patients when they are in for physical therapy, and vice versa. We are always there.”

Olivia continues: “we heal the entire body. The whole person. We are much more than just physical therapy, nutrition or Pilates. We believe wellness is a balanced lifestyle — a way of living that encourages good physical and mental health in body, mind, and spirit.”

Even though Caruso Physical Therapy and Nutrition operates at capacity, they have a limited number of new client spots set aside each month. Take that first step toward a healthier life and call now to be one of the lucky ones who get in this month.

Caruso Physical Therapy and Nutrition, 1278 Yardville-Allentown Road, Suite 3, Allentown. 609-738-3143. www.carusoptrd.com. E-mail: ocaruso@carusoptrd.com. Monday to Thursday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. See ad, page 6.

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