Husband and wife team the Carusos are about to celebrate four years of providing personalized care to patients at Caruso Physical Therapy and Nutrition, LLC.

They pushed the odds aside and opened their thriving clinic several months after Dr. Joseph Caruso, MSPT, dPT, CMT, CSCS, began his battle with brain cancer, a fight that’s going well and that inspires the Carusos to provide stellar and compassionate care to their patients.

“We understand both sides, as I’m a caregiver, too,” said Olivia Caruso, M.A., R.D., LDN. “We know when patients come in with complaints, there could be a lot more going on in their lives, and we explore that. At our clinic, you receive individual care that’s full of positivity, warmth and understanding.”

At Caruso Physical Therapy and Nutrition, patients needing physical therapy can rest assured they’re getting the very best; Joe holds a doctorate of physical therapy as well as several other degrees, minors and certifications. In New Jersey, no prescription is needed for physical therapy (except for Medicare, but one can secure that within the first 30 days of care), so those seeking top-notch, holistic-focused care may simply make an appointment.

Patients seeking smart nutritional counseling also benefit from Olivia’s many degrees, certifications and licenses. She’s on a mission to win the war on obesity, but also specializes in those seeking to set health and fitness goals and to improve their lifestyles. Olivia is a certified Pilates instructor, and the clinic boasts a Pilates reformer.

“We’re family owned and operated, and we’ve brought to our practice another physical therapist, registered dietitian and Pilates instructor, all of whom share our philosophy,” she added. “The ambiance at our clinic, how patients are treated and how that makes them feel is important to us: you’re part of our family.”

The Carusos are set on helping the community be the healthiest it can be by healing the whole person. Staff spends ample time with patients—it’s not a “15 minutes and you’re out” scenario some patients are used to experiencing. The initial evaluation looks at physical and nutrition needs to chart the best course of treatment.

Physical therapy can help a whole host of issues, including arthritis, general pain management, sports medicine, fibromyalgia, post-fracture management, foot and ankle issues, pre- and post-surgical care, back and neck pain, headaches, motor vehicle accidents, work injuries and much more.

Nutrition may encompass wellness, medical weight management, individual counseling or a dietitian-facilitated group. Patients come to Caruso Physical Therapy and Nutrition to learn healthy habits, and for dietary-related disorders, pre- and post-op bariatric counseling, diets for children and teens, heart/diabetes education and much more.

“We have many tools in the toolbox,” Olivia noted. “Not everyone will lose weight in the same way, so we use safe and effective techniques tailored to each patient.”

This time of the year, many health and wellness resolutions are starting to fade, another great reason to visit Caruso Physical Therapy and Nutrition. Find out more at, or by calling 609-738-3143.

Caruso Physical Therapy and Nutrition, LLC, 1278 Yardville-Allentown Road, Suite 3, Allentown. 609-738-3143, fax 609-738-3144.

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