Nutrition, like everything else the body needs, must be tailored to the individual. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to fueling the engine and providing a completely balanced regimen. Each of us responds to what goes into us differently and, like the other systems, our metabolisms are unique.

Nutrition is the key to maintaining and strengthening the entire body. A well-nourished body can heal and fight infection. The brain functions better when all systems are go.

Caruso Physical Therapy and Nutrition, LLC provides a welcoming practice that discovers what each patient needs and how they need it. Their approach to physical therapy and nutrition is comprehensive and holistic, recognizing that the components of wellbeing fit together differently for each person. The body heals at its own pace. It burns calories at a unique pace as well. These two aspects of healthcare go hand in hand.

Olivia Ann Caruso, a registered dietitian certified by the American Dietetic Association and a licensed dietitian/nutritionist works with the staff to create precise plans for each patient. “Because there can be no cookie-cutter approach, we have developed three approaches to dietary wellness,” she explains.

“One choice is the targeted one-on-one option where the patient and the dietitian discuss all aspects of nutrition, the emotional as well as the physical. It makes no sense to simply tell someone they need to eat better if they are an emotional eater, for example.”

The second option is group counseling. “Often patients thrive when they know they are not alone; when they see someone else struggling,” says Caruso. “Thirdly, we can create an entire meal replacement program, if required.”

Caruso emphasizes that these programs are covered by insurance. “Rarely do we find that a patient needs to contribute more than a modest co-pay.”

“We know that patients need practical, real world ways of navigating our incredibly toxic environment. When you want to get together, you go out for a drink or to a restaurant. Patients need to know how to make the right choices in those situations. We provide hands-on clinics where we dine out and study how to make good nutritional choices from actual menus. We also run grocery market tours. So-called diet meals can be loaded with landmines of hidden fat, sugar and salt.”

Food and activity must be balanced. This is especially true if the patient needs physical therapy for an injury. An overweight patient heals less efficiently because of added stress on joints and muscles. And a strong core is the first defense against injury in the first place. The practice has a certified reformer Pilates instructor on staff to complement the nutritional programs developed for patients. Strength and flexibility enhance even a technically healthy body.

Caruso states: “We believe that wellness is a balanced lifestyle — a way of living that encourages good physical and mental health. Our Wellness Program was created to treat the whole body and encourage all of our patients to live healthier lives, to build a culture of health throughout the community, and to create a healthier person from the inside out.”

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