Then it moves through tall grass toward some dream it knows.

The body is always preparing itself for joy. — Roger Sauls

In the purple shadows of the Grand Tetons

a dignified moose browses knee-deep

in the soggy bottom of his favorite watery place.

Not one to miss early morning opportunity

he expands his reach and intention

and ambles to a clearing in the woods

to breakfast on succulent greenery

lining the terrace of a plush hotel.

A Moose of worldly desire

understand life as

plain but tempting commandments:

Thou Shalt Touch

Thou Shalt Taste.

For the opportunist

everything seems possible on a day like this.

Shirley Wright’s poems have appeared in many publications including Delaware Valley Poets anthologies, Kelsey Review, and U.S. 1 Newspaper. She lives in East Windsor.

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