Classic-car-show guys

list favorite destinations:

Stowe when it’s not ski season,

Hershey without the chocolate factory.

They gather to talk V8 versus inline six,

I ask, have you ever swallowed gasoline?

They all nod.

Each has the same story-

working on dad’s car, moving gas

from one tank to another-sucking a hose,

a quick onrush, then quick to spit.

This one swallowed gas, yes,

and once, from underneath,

it leaked into his ear. Burned like hell.

Didn’t stop any of them,

just fueled their pleasure.

Foos is the founder and publisher of Ragged Sky Press and a production editor at Princeton University Press. A MacDowell Colony and Vermont Studio Center fellow, Foos has published in U.S. 1 Worksheets, Kelsey Review, Edison Literary Review, and Sensations Magazine. She recently co-edited a collection of clothing poems titled “Eating Her Wedding Dress.”

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