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Capturing Life’s Landscapes

Photographer Arthur Hochman considers New York’s Central Park and

Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square the perfect outdoor studios. He will

spend a day or an afternoon in either one or he’ll go no further than

the landscapes of his hometown, Hopewell, to find subject matter.

Hochman, who says he enjoys capturing “the art of common and often

unnoticed subject,” opens an exhibit, “Black and White and Color,” at

Failte Coffeehouse, which has recently moved to a new location at 9

East Broad Street in Hopewell, on Friday, July 1.

He says the exhibit is an eclectic mix of local landscapes and urban

character studies. “I find the use of black and white photography to

be extremely honest, sincere, and revealing. In the absence of color

the audience is granted the ability to observe the subject or

landscape in its most basic and striking form. The color photographs

in this exhibit are intended to celebrate the beauty and influence

that color can have on the most ordinary of subjects.”

When he is not behind the camera, Hochman is the assistant vice

president of operations for Caliper Management, a testing and

consulting firm located in Carnegie Center. He has also acted for the

last 25 years, appearing at the Bucks County Playhouse, Open Air

Theater, Off Broadstreet, and Kelsey. In addition to his love for the

stage, Hochman has also performed with the Rockabilly band Barry and

the 8-Tracks.

“Black and White and Color,” Friday, July 1, first day

for a new exhibit by Arthur Hochman, a resident of Hopewell and

assistant vice president of operations at Caliper Management. All

works are for sale. On view through July 30. Failte Coffeehouse, 9

East Broad Street, Hopewell, 609-466-6681. Gallery hours are Monday

through Saturday, 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Sunday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed

Monday, July 4.

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