Jooyeun Chung, MD, Medical Director, Capital Health Metabolic & Weight Loss Center

For anyone struggling with obesity, the thought of achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can sometimes seem impossible. To help break harmful eating patterns and establish lasting routines for long-term health, Capital Health’s Metabolic & Weight Loss Center, located at Capital Health Medical Center – Hopewell, offers surgical and non-surgical options for safe, healthy weight loss results that last a lifetime.

“Our comprehensive approach is what makes the Metabolic & Weight Loss Center unique,” said Dr. Jooyeun Chung, medical director of the Center. “By addressing the medical, behavioral, and nutritional issues related to obesity, we come to understand each candidate not just as a patient, but as a person.”

A Serious Commitment. In addition to leading the Metabolic & Weight Loss Center, Dr. Chung is a fellowship-trained bariatric surgeon who specializes in diagnosis and treatment of metabolic disorders. As one of the most experienced bariatric surgeons in the region, she works with her expert team to carefully evaluate each candidate for weight loss surgery. Those who are cleared for surgery receive personalized care from a team that includes Dr. Chung, a psychologist, and a registered dietitian.

The Center offers a full complement of weight loss surgeries, including sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass. Depending on which option is chosen, weight loss surgery works by either changing the anatomy of your stomach or the way your body absorbs nutrition. After surgery, patients and their team at the Center continue to work together to achieve and maintain healthy weight goals.

Change Your Routine, Change Your Life. For those who do not fall within surgery guidelines or are looking for a non-surgical alternative to weight loss, the Center also offers a Medical Weight Loss Program, a protein-based meal replacement plan that is strictly monitored by Dr. Chung and her team. Replacement foods include protein bars, shakes, pudding, and soups that are part of a larger system of lifestyle changes — nutrition education, physical activity, behavior modification, and group support — all of which change your relationship with food.

After an initial meeting with Dr. Chung, participants begin one of two diet options in which “real” food is either replaced entirely by or balanced with high-protein/low carb meals (depending on individual nutrition requirements). Both diets are flexible enough to accommodate the individual needs of each participant.

“Our program is all about personal accountability, which is the key to long-term success,” said Dr. Chung. “Participants are required to visit our dietitian once a week for ongoing support and a weekly supply of meal supplements. They also meet with me once a month to review lab tests to monitor your ongoing progress.”

After they achieve their weight goals, participants gradually swap out replacement products with real food and implement the eating patterns and fitness techniques they learned during the program.

Before and Ever After. When it comes to losing weight safely, there is no easy way out, but patients at Capital Health’s Metabolic & Weight Loss Center never have to go through it alone. Long after replacement meals are finished and recovery from surgery is complete, they continue to receive support that helps sustain a lifetime of good health.

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