Capital Health is laying off 175 employees at its Trenton and Hopewell hospitals.

Most of the workers laid off are in finance, management, and technical departments. Layoff notices began to go out on July 10. In addition to layoffs, senior administrators will also undergo pay cuts, some as much as 50 percent, according to spokeswoman Jayne O’Connor.

She also said that most doctors, nurses, and employees directly involved with patient care will avoid the axe, but some supervisory nurses may lose their jobs. O’Connor said the layoffs have nothing to do with cash flow issues the company experienced earlier this year related to slow insurance reimbursement payments.

The hospital said the layoffs are a restructuring measure to better balance staffing needs. It had hired approximately 350 new employees to support its new medical center in Hopewell and new programs at its Trenton campus, including a regional perinatal center and satellite emergency department.

Officials said the company now has a better idea how many employees are actually needed to handle the patient load at the new 223-bed hospital.

“After eight months of experience operating Capital Health with the new, state-of-the-art medical center in Hopewell and new programs at Regional Medical Center, we are able to take a comprehensive look at our operations and make changes that will support the growth of the organization,” Al Maghazehe, Capital Health president and CEO, said in a statement. “Capital Health will have 3,400 employees, more than it had last year.”

“The Hopewell market was a completely new one for us,” said Larry DiSanto, Capital Health executive vice president and chief operating officer. “To assure optimal service to our new patients, we anticipated every service would be used to its fullest capacity immediately. Now, having had the experience of the past eight months, we are able to staff according to actual usage,” he said.

“Staffing for the new hospital was based on the model we’ve traditionally used,” DiSanto said. “As we’d hoped, the design and technology at the new hospital offers greater efficiencies and enables us to provide an excellent patient experience.

Capital Health Medical Center — Hopewell, 1 Capital Way, Pennington 08534; 800-637-2374. Al Maghazehe, CEO.

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