by William Roufberg

This is what I have to say

About our trip to Cape May

Transparent water colors by the sea

To make an artist out of me

Twas May of 2011

19 women and 2 men

‘Road Scholars’ for five days

Mixing colors all ablaze

Our teacher, Barbara Cox

Explaining techniques to unlocks

Whatever talents we possess

To avoid my making a mess

Drove to the Cove to paint the ocean

To put all our gear in motion

I tried to paint the distant lighthouse

But my camera chose to photo my spouse

Returned to the Inn on Ocean Street

It’s a Victorian Hotel replete

With artifacts of the 19th century

For self, for gifts, for memory.

In our workshop we begin to see

Our paintings are improving markedly

One evening a video of Robert Wade

Water colorist of every shade

His deft brush strokes here, there, everywhere

A scene emerges to admire, to stare

But Mrs. Cox gave us a demo lesson

One trick of the trade, her confession

How to paint a forest in the snow

The class admired, my God, what a show

Take strips of tape of paper, paste;

Color over blue-green, to your taste

Pull off the tape and lo and behold

A tree-lined forest comes out of the cold

A shuttle took us to the lighthouse tower

I studied its height and the hour

Could I climb its 217 steps?

157 feet high and no nets?

The beacon may save a lost ship

But what if I made a slip?

Well I got to the top, camera ready

And then descended, barely steady.

The shuttle took us to Dr. Physics’ mansion: a tour

This doctor who avoided any medical cure

Rather, his investments in real estate

Made him millions but he had no mate

On the grounds in a large tent we did sit

Enjoying tea, scones and biscuit

Victorian women suffered 18-inch waists

Her aim was to appear chaste

Cooking, kinder and church her goal

Also to be obedient her role

Finally to end this epoch or sequel

We today strive to be equal

This entire program was well done

Combining serious art with some fun.

William Roufberg is a retired Princeton Regional Schools history teacher. He lives in Kendall Park.

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