Employers must always be aware of the law when it comes to human resources issues: Making the wrong move could result in a costly lawsuit. An upcoming seminar by the Human Resource Management Association of Princeton will help guide employers through tricky questions such as “Can I fire my employee today?”

The seminar will take place Monday, March 9, from 8 to 11:30 a.m. at 101 Carnegie Center’s Einstein Seminar Room. Tickets are $70, $60 for members. Visit hrma-nj.shrm.org.

Sessions at the seminar include:

Tips and Strategies for ADA Accommodations: This interactive program will discuss tips and strategies for successfully handling requests for workplace accommodations in compliance with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act and the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination. The discussion will include an update on Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) changes and trends, case law developments on what is “reasonable,” and practical suggestions not only for fielding and responding to requests but also for training managers relevant to accommodations concerns. This session will also address other practical reasonable accommodations issues will work through common workplace scenarios to provide guidance to HR professionals.

What New Jersey’s Medical Marijuana Program Means for Employers: New Jersey has amended its medical marijuana laws to explicitly require that employers accommodate registered medicinal users. This change will require a shift in employers’ substance abuse and drug-free workplace policies. This program will discuss the obligations on New Jersey employers, how to integrate these new requirements in your substance abuse programs, and exceptions to the requirement. This program will also discuss related topics and trends such as the use of CBD products and the potential for additional changes to marijuana laws, including recreational use and restrictions on pre-employment testing.

“Can I fire my employee today?” and other tricky questions: This program will provide a glimpse of how HR leaders and employment counsel interact on complex HR questions and how this strategic teamwork helps manage employer risk. By role-playing with Human Resources Professionals (members of HRMA), participants will interactively discuss topics such as: medical leave where the FMLA does not apply; extension of FMLA leave as an ADA accommodation; dealing with mental health or substance abuse issues in the workplace; use of interim measures when a harassment complaint has been made; and “I need to fire this person NOW!”

Speakers include Sherri Affrunti of Sherri Affrunti, LLC, and Vanessa Kelly of Clark Hill.

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