A resort-like facility replete with amenities and a quality staff focusing on customer service has made CAN DO – Princeton the place to go for fitness and wellness.

CAN DO will celebrate its first anniversary in Princeton in July. It has delighted members and guests for the past year by offering an amazing menu of fitness services and unmatched amenities.

“It’s an inexpensive way to go to a ‘resort’ every day,” said

Stuart Polevoy who co-owns CAN DO and Koi SpaSalon with wife, Gina. “That’s the reason for our success; our members can augment their daily exercise routine with a sauna followed by a healthy cafe lunch and relax in our Wi-Fi equipped atrium while their dry cleaning is being handled. Services and service are the CAN DO difference.”

Entering CAN DO is a motivating experience. The facility was created to be conducive to achieving fitness goals. The atmosphere, equipment, classes, and staff all were chosen for their quality. In addition to the latest fitness equipment, CAN DO also offers well over 100 hours of group fitness classes including Pilates, yoga, and martial arts.

“Our classes and programs are the real deal,” Polevoy added. “These aren’t knock-offs. For example, our classically trained Pilates instructors have more than 600 hours training prior to becoming certified. We offer Spinning®, not cycling. And our wide array of classes include Mills Body Pump®, Body Combat®, and Body Attack®. We are a licensed Parisi Speed School franchisee and offer private and group sports-specific training to athletes of all ages. Add to this our private and group swim lessons, for children and adults, and you can see we have programs for everyone.” CAN DO staff members are carefully selected not only for skill, but also for a customer-focused attitude. The professional staff is trained to deal with special populations, such as clients with heart conditions, osteoporosis, diabetes, orthopedic issues, and more. CAN DO’s medical advisory board oversees trainer education.

“No other club puts it all together the way we do,” explained Polevoy. “Our overall goal is to help clients achieve a better quality of life.”

The CAN DO experience is

diverse. In addition to the lounge and cafe, there’s also a full retail shop stocked with designer sports activewear. The locker

areas are beautifully appointed and offer body-spray showers in addition to steam and sauna rooms.

Members and non-members alike who enjoy being pampered seek the adjacent Koi SpaSalon. This experience also is top-notch. Polevoy says the services available rival the finest spas and salons in the world.

“Our members love us

because we provide both external and internal means for achieving wellness,” he said.

The CAN DO motto is “Prepare for Each Day.” Members may do so from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. More information is available at www.cando-online.com.

CAN DO – Princeton. 121 Main Street, Princeton Forrestal Village, Princeton. 609-514-0500. amatuzsani@cando-online.com

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