Not all children learn the same way. Some struggle in traditional educational environments because of difficulties with language-based learning differences. They’re smart and they’re motivated, but they’re frustrated by the gap that builds between their abilities and their performance in school.

The Cambridge School, an independent, nurturing, day school for children with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences, understands that children may be intellectually capable ‒‒ often incredibly intelligent ‒‒ and still experience difficulty in learning in traditional school environments.

We start our program at age 5, when it’s most critical to build a child’s language-based learning abilities. Since 2001 we’ve guided students through elementary and middle school with individualized, multi-sensory, comprehensive, structured learning, and this fall we will for the first time guide students into high school.

Beginning in September, the Cambridge School will welcome its first ninth grade class. The program is designed for students who need to continue to strengthen their skills before moving on to a more traditional school setting requiring significantly more independence. Our program will imbue students with self-confidence and greater independence in a traditional ninth grade curriculum that includes English, U.S. history, biology, algebra, and geometry.

Consistent with the Cambridge School’s teaching philosophy, the ninth grade curriculum is language-based, highly structured, sequential, multi-sensory, and experiential. The experience will involve project-based learning, a teacher-guided, student-driven program that will allow students to explore real-world problems, challenges, or areas of study. It will also include metacognition studies, in which students will learn to integrate metacognitive strategies across their entire curriculum. This course builds on the pioneering work of Carol Dweck at Stanford University. Her Growth Mindset concept is a belief that the ability to learn is not a fixed element, but rather one that can change and grow with effort and persistence.

When students are educated in how the brain works in response to difficult situations, they are more likely to persevere and succeed. It’s something we believe very strongly at the Cambridge School, and something our students will use to build successful academic and professional careers far beyond the reach of our school. It’s why Cambridge School is the doorway to a brighter future and where children who learn differently thrive.

Visit us online at, or call our admissions office at 609-730-9553.

The Cambridge School, 100 Straube Center Boulevard, Pennington. 609-730-9553.

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