For the first time Cambridge School will be offering its summer programs to the public. Cambridge’s distinguished Summer Study Program — which keeps students in kindergarten through ninth grade academically sharp over the summer months — will be joined by two unique programs: Investigations for High Schoolers and Artic Boot Camp.

Finding the right college is about a lot more than scholarships and a list of majors. It’s about finding the right fit for your goals and for your personality. It’s about fitting college to you, not trying to fit into college. Investigations for High Schoolers is a four-week program beginning Monday, June 29, that starts by building each student’s understanding of self, including strengths, challenges, and learning styles and progresses to matching each student’s profile to potential colleges.

Week one focuses on metacognition, which is an awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes. Week two focuses on finding colleges and programs that fit that sense of self. Week three hones the college essay; and in week four students solidify their top-choice school and create a capstone project on their chosen school examining the college campus, learning supports, academic resources, and even where to get a good slice of pizza.

Artic Boot Camp — an intensive articulation therapy program for children with persistent articulation errors — is another unique offering this summer. Artic Boot Camp is designed to resolve challenging articulation errors and promote self-monitoring as well as self-confidence.

Experts at the Cambridge School have designed an all-encompassing multi-sensory program that includes the state-of-the-art SmartPalate biofeedback technology. SmartPalate uses technology to provide visual biofeedback of tongue placement during speech, so students can finally see what is happening as they articulate and modify their pronunciation. This approach provides swift and measurable results.

Artic Boot Camp will target three elements critical to success: frequent therapy sessions, multi-sensory therapy techniques, and motivation. Progress will be measured and charted throughout the process with an aim to transfer the use of all therapy skills to everyday conversational speech.

Cambridge School’s Summer Study Program consists of morning academics: language, reading, writing, and math, taught by trained language specialists using research-based methodologies. The content is taught in the context of a theme in a hands-on, fun, motivational, and engaging way. This year’s theme is Traveling Around the World with Cambridge.

Come see how the Cambridge School can set you on course for a great summer and future.

Cambridge School, 100 Straube Center Boulevard, Pennington. 609-730-9553.

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