Given that we at U.S. 1 often forget our own company birthday (see Richard K. Rein’s anniversary column in the November 3 issue), we can hardly blame you for not yet alerting us to your 2011 dates.

So we will not point any fingers, but we will issue a gentle reminder: Please let us know ASAP of any 2011 events (in pencil or in ink) for your organization or venue. That’s because we are now preparing our annual wall calendar, to be distributed with our last issue of the year on Wednesday, December 22.

As always the large format month-by-month wall calendar will include space for you to write in your own events, as well as pre-printed listings of major community events. Planning a business lunch with your out-of-town colleagues sometime in late spring? What about Tuesday, May 31. No, that’s Princeton University’s commencement, U.S. 1’s 2011 Calendar will tell you, and the town is jammed that day. Let’s make it the next week.

Your submission to the U.S. 1 Calendar does triple duty: It also provides information that we use for our day-by-day listings in the newspaper, and it goes online, as well, at

To get the ball rolling E-mail your information to Please put “annual calendar” in the subject line. If all you know is the date your event will occur send that now. You can send additional details concerning time, contact information, cost, etc., as they become determined. Questions? Send a query to that same E-mail address or call 609-452-7000 and ask for events editor Lynn Miller. Here at U.S. 1 we are looking forward to the new year.

#b#To the Editor: Traffic Plan a Joke?#/b#

The DOT ideas to improve traffic flow on Route 1 in West Windsor must be a joke (U.S. 1, October 27). Preventing northbound motorists from exiting at Washington or Harrison to go to Princeton and having them continue to Scudders Mill Road and turn around doubles the traffic. They will have to drive twice through the greatest congestion area — first north and then come back south.

Lengthening the lights to enter Route 1 is a worse idea. It will back up Washington Road to Nassau Street in Princeton and the train station in Princeton Junction during busy times. The problem is that too many motorists want to go to Princeton or Princeton Junction. This means one lane is always backed up with people entering or leaving Route 1. The solution is to make three lanes in each direction for through lanes. The fourth lane in each direction should be used for all entering and exiting. This eight-lane roadway needs to be extended from Meadow Road to College Road.

If the DOT narrows it, the squeezing together always creates a traffic jam. The perfect example of a designed traffic jam is northbound on Route 1 at Washington Road. Drivers entering at Alexander Road (four lanes) must merge with northbound drivers exiting at Washington (three lanes).

I suggest all future DOT traffic studies be conducted between 8 and 9 a.m. and 5 and 6 p.m. Monday to Friday on school days only.

Don Swanson, Stanford Place, Princeton Junction

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