to the tune of ‘By the Time I Get to Phoenix’

By the time I bike to Key West, she’ll be wearing my vest
She’ll be thinking I will never come back to her
She’ll think that I’m kidding about the lack of hills
Passing all the greenery will be noted as one big blur

By the time I make Princeton, she’ll be praying
That my head is still attached
She’ll laugh when she finds out I always finish last
‘Cause my bike keeps on getting snatched

By the time I make Durham, I’ll be really smoking
She’ll holler at me not to do that under the tent
And she’ll whine that we never have any time well spent
Tho’ time and time I encourage her to bike with us
She just didn’t know she could meet us by way of the bus

Dan Rappoport is a longtime Princeton resident and avid cyclist. He holds an MBA in market research from Baruch College.

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