Our readers will have to judge for themselves whether the idea for this issue was any good or not. The idea was that, in celebration of our 25th anniversary, we would highlight some of the outstanding ideas around us that have helped make our community what it is. Maybe even 25 such ideas.

It didn’t happen. As we expected, people are busy, and even the most successful remain committed to their efforts even when the rest of us think they have it made and can coast on their past glory.

More surprising, we discovered that a lot of people we thought were riding a single brilliant insight were, in their own minds, just plodding along in their everyday lives. Their ultimate success only looked like a single bright idea afterward.

Finally, while we had always believed that success has many fathers, bright ideas in a town like Princeton, where brightness lights the streets at night, apparently are more like wealth — best not to be displayed openly.

So the result, beginning on page 32, is not the definitive list we had imagined, but it is a view of the thinking that has gone into a dozen different successes in this town. U.S. 1’s Sara Hastings, Scott Morgan, and Richard K. Rein worked on the project. In our opinion, at least, it is not an orphan.

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