Diets simply don’t work, but the CogniDiet, focusing on changing behaviors and choices, has been created to fit into the hectic lives of today’s businesswomen. And it works: the program has a 95 percent success rate.

The CogniDiet was designed by a businesswoman for businesswomen. Conducted in person or over WebEx (online web conferencing), this 12-week program’s most recent success stories are a group of businesswomen in New York City who participated from April to June, 2014. During each one-hour session led by program creator and holistic nutritionist Veronique Cardon, M.S., participants learned how to change their thinking, lose weight, and keep it off.

“These women worked in high-stress jobs, with high levels of responsibility,” Cardon explained. “On the average, they lost between 6 and 23 pounds in 12 weeks. But as important, they continue to succeed because they changed their eating behaviors. They also learned how to put themselves first!”

Cardon, who created the program because of her own struggles with stress, weight, and food, says diets don’t work because for a limited period of time you eat differently, or deprive yourself of calories. It’s the wrong focus.

“Instead, the CogniDiet focuses on becoming more aware of what you’re doing, thinking and acting on, drawing from the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy,” she added. “When you change the way you make choices and behave, then you slowly change the way you eat, and the weight comes and stays off.”

The first six weeks of the program teaches businesswomen how stress and the lack of stress management equals weight gain. They also observe their own behaviors. This starts the change that leads to weight loss. The second half of the program turns to nutrition education and puts more emphasis on activity level.

“Then we’re showing women how each calorie is different, how to eat in combination for best results and why, about portion size and so much more. We’re re-wiring your brain after years of being manipulated by the food industry ads,” Cardon said.

The CogniDiet is not about calorie counting. Each participant has two to three weekly goals. Twelve weeks is enough time to change and reinforce the behaviors needed for success. It’s a holistic program that provides knowledge. And knowledge is power.

The next 12-week CogniDiet T in-person group meetings start:

• Thursday, September 18, at 7 p.m., ending December 15,

• Saturday, September 20, at 7 p.m., ending December 17.

The WebEx group sessions will start:

• Tuesday, September 16, at 8.30 p.m., ending December 13,

• Thursday, September 18, at 8.30 p.m., ending December 15

These options help businesswomen fit one hour of “the diet without a diet” into their hectic lives. Sessions are $50 per week in-person, or $40 per week on WebEx. You can mix and match the sessions in case you miss one day of the week.

Learn more at or E-mail or call 609-712-1842 for more information or to register

The CogniDiet, Princeton Integrative Health Center, 614 Executive Drive, Princeton.

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