Mid- to small-sized business owners who partner with Action International Business Coaching learn to build businesses that work, thanks to expert coaching – and profit-building workshops – that propel their companies to success.

“We were new to the concept of business coaching, as opposed to business consulting,” said Sergio Neri and Barbara Radzki of Hopewell Valley Vineyards. “Business consulting simply reiterates concepts most people in business already know. Business coaching forces business owners to take action, as the coach becomes an integral part of their business team, cheering for their successes and supporting them through challenges.”

As the top coaching firm in the world, Action International has been helping businesses succeed in 21 countries and four continents across the globe. “We help people like Sergio and Barbara excel,” said business coach Marshall Calman. “In fact, Action International coaches between 10,000 and 15,000 businesses owners each year.”

One way entrepreneurs experience Action International is through complimentary, two-hour workshops. Calman and fellow Mercer County business coach John R. Kirk, Esq., are offering “Six Steps to Building a Winning Business” on Wed., March 29, at the Ewing Courtyard. The hotel is conveniently located off of New Jersey Rt. 95 at 360 Scotch Rd., Ewing, N.J., 08628.

“Attendees can choose one of two sessions: 8 a.m. or 6 p.m.,” said Calman. “Admission is free to the first 50 registrants. Business owners and entrepreneurs can register by calling 888-800-2ACT (2228).”

According to Kirk, this workshop is a great time investment for owners of small- to mid-size businesses. “It’s an introduction to the value of business coaching,” he said. “Participants will learn valuable techniques and ideas they can implement the next day. We pride ourselves on taking complex business topics and making them easy to understand so you can take action.”

Workshops are just one facet of Action International’s expertise. “Our business coaches offer One-on-One and group coaching,” said Kirk. “One-on-One provides the business owner with an hour a week of coaching advice. As business generalists, we cover everything from `A to Z,’ so the coaching is very comprehensive.” Types of personal coaching include everything from Alignment Coaching for those tying to create a roadmap for goals, sales and marketing, to Platinum Coaching Service for well established businesses.

Calman added that Group Coaching provides the savvy business advice found in One-on-One, but also allows participants the benefit of interacting with other business owners. “We work under the philosophy that it’s better to teach a person how to fish than to simply give them a fish,” he added, borrowing from the popular Chinese proverb. “Business owners who select our Business Success Academies not only learn key business principals from coaches, but also gain valuable tips from other participants.”

Academy participant and Star Mechanical owner John Fullam said Action International programs work. “I am now able to work 20 percent fewer hours after putting into practice what I learned,” he added.

Find out “how to build a biz that works without you,” Calman added. “Register today!”

Action International Business Coaching, Mercer County, N.J. 888-800-2ACT (2228) www.actioncoaching.com johnkirk@action-international.com marshallcalman@action-international.com

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