A new county-sponsored bus shuttle launched Monday, May 3.

Known as M6 Jamesburg-Cranbury-Plainsboro Community Shuttle, the route will go into effect on Saturday, May 15.

The shuttle, which carries passengers to the Princeton Junction train station, costs $1 or less. The shuttle was made possible by a federal grant obtained by Middlesex County to start a new shuttle route from Jamesburg, through Cranbury and Plainsboro, and to the train station, and back.

The new shuttle route, which runs Monday through Saturday, except on holidays, will supplement the county’s 600 bus.

It will run every hour from 6 a.m. to about 6 p.m., with a route that takes passengers from Veterans Park in Jamesburg, down through Gatzmer Avenue, Forsgate Drive, and Perrineville Road, through Prospect Plains Road, to Cranbury-Half Acre Road, up Route 130, to Old Trenton Road, then down North Main Street, through Cranbury, and then to Plainsboro Road.

From there, it will come down Center Drive to the Plainsboro Municipal Complex along Plainsboro Road to the Plainsboro Shopping Center. It will then head to the Princeton Junction train station. From there, it will turn around and head back along the route.

There are seven stops planned right now along the entire route, including three stops in Plainsboro – Plainsboro Municipal Complex, Plainsboro Village, and the new University Medical Center at Plainsboro.

There is no cost to the township for the route. The price to ride the shuttle will be 50 cents for senior citizens and $1 for the general public. Customers are required to have the exact fare when boarding.

Information is available at 1-800-221-3520.

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