If you are holding the printed copy of U.S. 1 in your hands right now you might think a brief discussion of U.S. 1’s online initiatives is irrelevant. But times change and now might be a good time to consider some new online programs available.

We have recently rolled out two e-mail newsletters, both are free, easy to opt out of at any time, and available online. One newsletter, circulated every Wednesday, lists the contents of that week’s print edition and provides links to the text of each article. This newsletter is an updated version of one we operated until a few years (suspended because of issues with spam filters). We found that the subscribers included people from out of our circulation area, but also many who received the paper each week at their offices. It was — and still is — a convenient way to stay in touch and a way to electronically pass along an article to a friend or colleague.

The other e-mail newsletter gets sent out every Thursday afternoon. It highlights five upcoming weekend events, as selected by our corps of eccentric editors and writers.

In addition, we also update our events listings every day via Twitter. By following @princetoninfo you will receive an early morning link to our list of what’s happening that day, as well as updates on cancellations, changes in venue, and other information that will help keep you up on what’s happening.

As always, we welcome your feedback, which has informed all aspects of our operation for the past 34 years or so. Please e-mail our editor: Rein@princetoninfo.com. Thanks in advance.

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