There’s a proliferation of hot yoga classes due to its rising popularity, but few studios are dedicated to the practice. Enter Breathing Dragon Hot Yoga that not only offers hot yoga in the Bikram method, but also hot vinyasa yoga, hot power yoga, and hot Pilates.

Breathing Dragon Hot Yoga, which celebrated its six-month anniversary on the summer solstice, June 21, is a beautiful venue inside and out. It has a premium look and feel, yet creates a real familial vibe and community essence. The studio is located in a tranquil, pastoral area where students can be found relaxing on the lawn furniture or in the shaded hammock.

“Yoga is about transformation, not just exercise,” said senior instructor Tom Kryssbek. “It helps you get out of your daily routine. Bikram Yoga is one of the most therapeutic types of yoga because of the heat. It’s challenging, and that makes it attractive to men and those who won’t do other types of yoga.”

The hot room makes muscles pliable and allows students to go deeper into postures. It’s great for injuries and can also help prevent injuries. While it’s a fantastic cross-conditioning activity for athletes, it’s really for everyone, including beginners. The heat helps students detoxify through sweat.

“The benefits are not just limited to the physical: there’s emotional, mental, and biochemical benefits; and there’s many different layers,” said Mori Dadgari, who owns Breathing Dragon Hot Yoga with her husband, Michael Muntean.

“We see people with emotional difficulties ‘leave it on the mat.’ They experience emotional release at a cellular level and can leave their ‘baggage’ behind.”

The intensity of the heat becomes a moving meditation that gives a calming effect and improves focus. Bikram himself says hot yoga is the trick to teach students how to breathe and to self-medicate.

Breathing Dragon’s instructors are the real deal: they are all senior level and have more than 40 years combined experience teaching yoga. If they teach Bikram Yoga, they’re Bikram-certified, which is an intensive nine weeks of study that includes courses not only on postures and technique, but also on anatomy.

Most Breathing Dragon instructors have taught between 3,000 and 4,000 classes. This brings a higher level of competency than those who have taken just the occasional weekend course. And that’s beneficial for students.

“Our studio is open to all ages, from 12 year olds who come with parents to 70 year olds,” said Muntean. “Anybody is welcome and can benefit from the hot yoga. You’re never too old, never too sick, never too broken to start from scratch.”

Experience Breathing Dragon Hot Yoga with a $49 monthly unlimited introductory package. Kryssbek says if you’re consistent in that month, you will see a difference physically and mentally. Learn more at

Breathing Dragon Hot Yoga, 50 Vreeland Drive, Suite 8, Skillman. 609-497-YOGA (9642)

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