We offer a full range of services at Brandywine Senior Living,” says Susan Katz, director of community relations at Brandywine Senior Living at Princeton. “People come to us with all different needs and lifestyles, and our goal is to help them live their life in the best possible way.”

As we get older, we can become socially isolated, and this can lead to depression and/or physical issues. Seniors living at Brandywine are able to reconnect and easily socialize with other people their own age and maintain good physical health. There are also times when older adults need some discreet help with dressing or bathing, and then can easily go about their day. As time passes, they may need additional assistance, says Katz. When these needs change over time, the staff is available to deliver the care that is required.

The community offers a wide variety of activities and signature programs, “Escapades for Life,” but there is also time to relax and regroup quietly and privately. Residents may return to their private living quarters to watch their favorite television program, read a book, or just take a nap. There are also quiet nooks located throughout the common areas.

At Brandywine Senior Living in Princeton, all of the staff is ready to care for our residents. “Whether it is just holding a hand or sharing a joke or a story, we all take the time to be there,” says Katz. The Wellness Program offers nursing staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week onsite, not just on call. The wellness team assists in the coordination of care with the resident’s family and health care providers.

The most important part of the Brandywine experience is that our residents feel safe, secure and at home. “They know that help is always just a call away,” adds Katz.

Brandywine Senior Living. 877-427-2639. brandycare.com.

Brandywine Senior Living at Princeton, 155 Raymond Road, Princeton. 732-329-8888.

Brandywine Senior Living at Pennington, 143 West Franklin Avenue, Pennington. 609-730-9222. See display ad page 10.

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