Students in kindergarten through 12th grade who bring home Cs and Ds may be suffering from a "disconnect" between the right and left sides of the brain. These students find help at Brain Balance Achievement Center, and summer is the perfect time for parents to have their children evaluated and to enroll them in the program so they can catch up with their grade levels.

When either side of the brain develops at a different rate, an imbalance or disconnect occurs. This condition is called functional disconnection syndrome (FDS). Brain Balance Achievement Centers custom-designs programs to help each child overcome these issues through the use of simple and fun physical, sensory, and academic exercises.

"Some parents are reluctant to get their child officially tested by the school’s specialist, because once they have a label, it stays with them forever unless they get retested," said Dr. Vincent Kiechlin, director of the Brain Balance Achievement Center, who studied with the founder, world renowned chiropractic neurologist Dr. Robert Melillo. "In some cases, after the Brain Balance program, a child is retested and the label is gone."

Dr. Kiechlin says the goal of the program is to change the brain and bring it back into balance by strengthening target areas of the brain. This is done through a 12-week program of three, one-hour session a week.

"Each side of our brain develops at different rates and at a different time, giving us our unique personalities and skill sets," said Dr. Kiechlin. "After thoroughly evaluating each child, we can determine which regions of the brain are not balanced or synched and design a program that delivers measurable results that make a world of difference."

Brain Balance Achievement Center’s approach is multi-faceted and consists of:

" A comprehensive evaluation of the child’s sensory, motor, auditory and visual skills

" A custom-designed plan comprised of four components: physical, behavioral, academic and nutritional.”

"A friend of mine has a child with learning and behavioral problems. Born in Kazakhstan and adopted when he was 5 years old, this child didn’t speak a word of English when he arrived in the United States," Dr. Kiechlin explained. "He had both learning and behavioral problems, as well as an extreme amount of difficulty with verbal communications. Some of this child’s problems were not identified early on, which would have been very helpful if they had been, because many of these issues were racked up to the language barrier. Going through the Brain Balance program made a world of difference and helped resolve the learning and behavioral issues."

There are many children in school who are not native English speaking who may have these problems as well. Once a child has been assessed by the Brain Balance staff, he or she will be clear if there is a brain imbalance, and which side of the brain needs attention.

To learn more call 609-737-1310 or visit on the Web. The Center is now scheduling appointments for assessments.

Brain Balance of Princeton-Pennington, 21 Route 31N, Suite A2. Pennington. 609-737-1310.

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