Nassau Maneuvers: A Station Trade


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Bloomberg Plans: To Expand 4-Fold

Just 10 years ago Bloomberg Financial Markets had only

30 workers in Princeton. Now it has 1,300 workers here and wants to

quadruple its space on Route 581 for up to 4,000 people.

Taking advantage of a recent ruling that it can tap into the


Township sewer system — and another ruling that involves an


species — Bloomberg is asking to build on 65 acres adjacent to

its current buildings, with 158,137 square feet on 85-acres. Under

current zoning it can build just 86,000 square feet, so it will need

approvals for its goal of 650,000 square feet in two buildings, one

500,000-foot office building, and one 150,000-foot data center, plus

parking. The approval process is expected to take at least nine


Bloomberg’s major product is an electronic information service


on a special computer, the "Bloomie." The company has 7,000

employees worldwide, with the biggest numbers in New York, London,

and Princeton. At its current growth rate of 20 percent per year,

Bloomberg expects to have from 2,500 to 3,000 employees in Princeton

in three years. Jobs in Princeton are primarily in data collection

but can also be in marketing or editorial work for four magazines.

At one point Bloomberg was talking about moving out of state to get

the space it needed, but as a stopgap it opened a data center in


space at 700 College Road. Now the township has decided its sewers

have enough capacity to serve an expanded campus. Another boost to

the plan is that the buildable space has increased because of a



At first it was thought that the wetlands housed an endangered species

of turtle, but that no longer seems to be true. The expansion would

let Bloomberg consolidate and move the data center back to Route 518.

Bloomberg Financial Markets, 100 Business Park

Drive, Box 888, Princeton 08542-0888. Stuart Bell, managing director.

609-279-3000; fax, 917-369-8200. Home page:

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Nassau Maneuvers: A Station Trade

Nassau Broadcasting’s $185 million deal to buy nine

radio stations was canceled two months after its projected $9.9


IPO fell through. Seller Aurora Communications scuttled the contract

when Nassau had a delay in coming up with private financing. The


has just traded four of its smaller market stations for two stations

in Allentown, Pennsylvania plus $12 million in cash. The deal will

give Nassau and even larger total market.

After the deal closes Nassau will own 19 radio stations, including

WHWH-AM, WPST-FM, and WNJO-FM in central New Jersey. It forfeited

the $7 million deposit on the Aurora contract.

Nassau Broadcasting Company, 619 Alexander Road,

Box 1350, Princeton 08540. Louis F. Mercatanti Jr., CEO. 609-419-0300;

fax, 609-419-0143. Home page:

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John P. Murray Jr., 75, on October 3. He was president

and CEO of Atlantic Products Corp., Prince Tennis Corp., and chairman

and CEO of Wilson Sporting Goods.

Rodney J. Czarnik, 54, on October 4. He had owned


Limo Service and worked at Colonial Cadillac-Hyundai of Trenton.

B>Geraldine Petty Hancock , 63, on October 4. She had been

circulation manager for Princeton University’s Population Index for

45 years.

Lauren F. Jasinski, 52, on October 6. She was a paralegal

for McCarthy & Schatzman on Alexander Road.

Charles B. Yates, 61, his wife Anya, 34, and their


Elena, 8, and William 2, on October 6 in a plane crash on Martha’s

Vineyard. He had been a state legislator.

William P. Bundy, 83, on October 6. He was an advisor

to the Kennedy and Johnson administrations during the Vietnam War.

Eugene L. Krasnoff, 70, on October 6. He had been


research engineer with Ingersoll-Rand Research.

Maurice Benton, 76, on October 7. He had a mechanical

engineering consulting practice and chaired the Montgomery Township

planning board.

Paul Andre Feit, 23, on October 8, in a car crash. He

was a graduate of the American Boychoir School and Princeton High


Hugh C. Minor, 76, on October 8. He was a retired


vice president of Texaco who served on the boards of International

School Services and Opera Festival of New Jersey and was a volunteer

tutor for the Young Scholars Institute.

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