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Biotech and Real Estate Moves

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Biotech Target: Pompe’s Disease

The building at 353 Nassau Street, formerly occupied

by the Center for Healthcare Strategies (CHS), now houses Novazyme

Pharmaceuticals Inc, a drug development firm. CHS is a nonprofit that

administers health care programs funded by foundations, principally

the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. It moved from 6,000 feet on Nassau

Street to 12,000 feet on Lenox Drive.

Novazyme, a drug development firm, is doing research on Pompe’s


The firm has raised $24 million in two rounds of preferred stock from

investors that include Nassau Street-based HealthCare Ventures,


Health & Technology Partners in Boston, and the Perseus-Soros


Fund and Morgan Stanley, both in New York. Michael Titus, Novazyme’s

new senior director of regulatory affairs, had been vice president

of operations at Cytogen Corporation on College Road.

John Crowley, the CEO, has had two of his three children diagnosed

with Pompe’s disease, a rare form of muscular dystrophy that is the

lead target of this company. The son of a police officer in Englewood,

Crowley graduated from Georgetown University in 1989, earned a law

degree from Notre Dame, and practiced healthcare law in Indianapolis.

He earned his MBA at Harvard and did marketing and business strategy

at Bristol-Myers Squibb before helping to found this company.

Novazyme aims to speed up the clinical development of therapeutic

programs developed by William M. Canfield at the University of


Health Sciences Center in Oklahoma City. It has announced "highly

promising results" from pre-clinical studies in laboratory animals

engineered to have Pompe’s disease, which degrades muscles and can

be fatal. About 5,000 people nationwide have this rare, lysosomal

storage disease that is usually fatal in early childhood.

Novazyme Pharmaceuticals Inc., 353 Nassau Street,

Princeton 08540. John Crowley, CEO. 609-683-4400; fax, 609-683-1771.

Home page:

Center for Health Care Strategies Inc., 1009 Lenox

Drive, Suite 204, Lawrenceville 08648. Stephen A. Somers PhD,


609-279-0700 or 609-895-8101; fax, 609-895-9648. Home page:

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Health Expansions

PeproTech Inc., 5 Crescent Avenue, Princeton


Park, Suite B-1, Box 275, Rocky Hill 08553-0275. Robert Goldman,


609-497-0253; fax, 609-497-0321.

PeproTech provides research materials — vials of

powdered recombinant proteins — to scientists at universities

and pharmaceutical companies around the world, and with the upswing

in biotech research, the company is doing well. The 17-employee firm

started with one suite at Princeton Business Park in 1988 and recently

moved into its sixth space.

The company has but one major competitor, says a spokesperson.


has found an efficient and profitable way to manufacture recombinant

proteins for research use; it expresses the proteins in e-coli


and sells the powder in vials worth $65 to $5,000.

Therics Inc., 115 Campus Drive, University Square,

Princeton 08540. Jim Wavle, president/CEO. 609-514-7200; fax,


The medical products firm has signed a lease for 16,000


square feet at 104 University Square, for a total of 56,400 feet.

"We took a great deal more space, are in the process of


and will be moving into it progressively, starting in fourth quarter

and into next year," says Jim Wavle, president and CEO. The


TheriForm fabrication process involves three-dimensional printing.

Tom Giannone and Robert Bull of Julian J. Studley Inc. represented

Therics in the extension of the existing lease, and Steve Jennings

represented the landlord, Reckson Associates Realty Corp. Giannone

explains that Therics started out with a small sublease in


out space from Sterling Drug and gradually expanded so it now occupies

all three of the buildings here. It has an 18,000-foot laboratory

and pilot plant on one side. On the other side, it has expanded from

5,600 to 22,600 feet and now occupies the whole building. The latest

acquisition is 16,000 square feet in the largest, center building

that was formerly occupied by LogicWorks, now part of Computer


Princeton Softech has the other half of this building.

Neil Laboratories Inc., 55 Lake Drive, Box 1088,

Hightstown 08520. Bharat Patel, president. 609-448-5500; fax,


The generic drug company bought Primedia’s building at 10 Lake Drive

and will expand its manufacturing operations.

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ValiGen Moves To Hopewell

In August ValiGen U.S. Inc. will begin to move its


from 45,000 square feet in Newtown, PA, to 72,000 feet in the former

AT&T building on Carter Road. It is well funded; before the stock

market declined last year ValiGen made a private placement of $26

million. Headed by Douglas Watson, ValiGen works with gene


technology. It has 55 employees in Newtown (13 people at other


and expects to add about 15 people on Carter Road.

Maryland-based Townsend Properties owns the site and is doing a $10

million fitout job for its new tenant. Townsend also owns the 225,000

building on the same property that is going to be vacated by Lucent.

Townsend recently announced that it will donate an adjoining 190-acre

parcel, which includes a vacant conference center and an employee

dormitory, to Hopewell Township.

ValiGen (U.S.) Inc., 350 Carter Road, c/o 300


Run, Newtown 18940. Douglas G. Watson, president and CEO.


fax, 215-504-4545.

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Kinko’s Copy Center, 33 Witherspoon Street,


08542. Bill Carty, manager. 609-921-2679; fax, 609-921-1647.

After 12 years doing business practically next door to Princeton

University, Kinko’s Copy Center is moving out on Route 1 and into

Nassau Park, the big box shopping center that has Wal-Mart and Home

Depot. The move to 731 Nassau Park Boulevard is scheduled for


Bill Carty, the branch manager of the Ventura, California-based firm,

will nearly double his staff, from 15 to 25 or 30 employees, in 6,300

square feet. The 24-hour operation will have all the services that

it does now, including oversize copies, computer rental, and a Kodak

PictureMaker kiosk.

The new location may be short distance away in terms of actual miles

but, psychologically, it is leagues away. A spokesperson denies that

Kinkos has given up on the university market and says that, not only

is Kinko’s going to be fulfilling the needs of students but that it

can also now provide services to businesses.

DPRA Inc., 338 Wall Street, Princeton 08540. Tony

Montrone, vice president. 609-279-2123; fax, 609-279-2150.

DPRA, an environmental health and safety consulting firm, took

over a big chunk of space that Simstar vacated in its move from


Park to the Carnegie Center. This expansion from 1,800 square fete

to 4,500 square feet is due, in large part, to DPRA’s $45 million

contract with the U.S. Postal Service. The Princeton office is one

of eight United States branches of the Kansas-based company that will

service this contract.

The contract involves environmental compliance support to the U.S.

Postal Service and replaces more than 270 existing contracts. Three

other firms — Roy F. Weston Inc., URS Corporation, and Earth Tech

— were also selected for the work. "There is plenty of work

to be shared by the four firms," says Tony Montrone, vice


of DPRA’s Princeton office.

An economics major at Syracuse, Class of 1973, Montrone has an MBA

in management from Michigan State, and spent 12 years at the federal

Environmental Protection Agency, where he headed the hazardous waste

enforcement program and the groundwater task force, then worked for

10 years in the Arthur D. Little environmental group in Cambridge.

He spent 18 months as a principal in Environ before opening the


office of DPRA. For one of his earlier jobs he spent a year in -50

degree weather checking out the Trans Alaska Pipeline System for the

U.S. Congress.

"New Jersey is one of the few states segmented into two different

postal service areas," says Montrone. We are part of the New York

Metro area, and south of Trenton is the Middle Atlantic area, with

its headquarters in Pittsburgh. We service both areas as well as the

headquarters in Washington."

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New in Town

Computer America Training Centers Inc., 1


Way, Princeton 08540. Crystal Murphy, manager. 609-734-9216. Home


Crystal Murphy has opened a branch of the firm that equips and rents

rooms for computer training. Based in suburban Chicago, it has 22

sites around the country, including in Philadelphia and Parsippany.

The decision to open an eight-room site in Princeton is, in part,

based on a contract with Educational Testing Service to provide venues

for test scoring.

"Hotels don’t typically tend to the needs of the instructors who

are looking to set up a room," says Bob Stokes, spokesperson.

Founded by Birger Nyborg, the company has 30 people at its


in Chamberg, a suburb of Chicago, and nearly 40 workers distributed

among the branches.

The company aims for a rental rate of 60 percent. Its rooms rent for

from $900 to $1,200 per day including all the equipment, an LCD


a high-speed Internet connection, and catering for the students —

continental breakfast and afternoon snacks. Custom-made desks allow

for two students per computer terminal and monitors mounted low in

the desks so the teacher is easily visible.

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Crosstown Moves

Gary Mertz Architect, 65 South Main Street,


C, Box 1016, Pennington 08534. 609-737-7976; fax, 609-430-0631. Home


Gary Mertz moved his four-person firm back to 1,000 square feet in

Pennington Office Park, 65 Main Street, after a short period in a

stand-alone building in Lawrence. "This is where our client base

is, and this space is more conducive to a professional


he says.

The firm focuses on residential work but also does such commercial

work as additions to Lakeview Child Centers, the NovaSoft building

on Quakerbridge Road, an adult day care center in Orange, a 40,000

square foot building for Joe Pintinalli diagonally across from


and various residential projects.

Mertz, age 44, grew up in Bergen County, where his mother is a


and his father worked for National Industries for the Blind. As a

result of vocational testing he worked as a carpenter for four years,

then went to North Carolina State, and studied architecture at Drexel.

He started this company in 1996. His wife, Sarah, is associate


director for the American Red Cross on Alexander Road.

Borden-Perlman Insurance, 2850 Brunswick Pike,

Box 6710, Lawrenceville 08648-6710. Douglas C. Borden, president.

609-896-3434; fax, 609-895-1468. Home page:

Borden Perlman Insurance, a property and casualty agency, moved from

3 Princess Road to Brunswick Pike. The company offers insurance,


risk management, and it is the result of a 1995 merger between WS

Borden Co., which originally specialized in industrial and


insurances and operated at 224 West State Street, and Perlman


which sold mostly commercial and retail insurance from 133 Franklin

Corner Road.

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The Mosso Group Inc., 436 Wall Street, Princeton

08540. Lisa A. Mosso, project director. 609-466-1234.

The Mosso Group has closed its office in Research Park and continues

operating at its office at 109 Cherry Brook Drive. Lisa Mosso’s


Gus Mosso, founded the company in 1990; it specializes in planning

medical symposia.

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Stock News

Opinion Research Corporation (ORCI), 23 Orchard

Road, Suite 1, Box 183, Princeton 08542-0183. John Short, CEO.


fax, 908-281-5103.

On Wednesday, July 18, the market research firm’s share were to begin

trading on Nasdaq as ORCI. Shares had been trading on the American

Stock Exchange (AMEX) under the symbol "OPI." "This is

part of our plan to increase the visibility of Opinion Research within

the investment community and to improve our stock’s liquidity,"

says John F. Short, chairman and CEO.

Founded in 1938, Opinion Research bills itself as "a


global marketing services firm" with market intelligence,


training and teleservices.

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Haase Makes Good

When Steven Haase invested the proceeds from selling

Princeton Learning Systems into Trainfans, a company that sells videos

of moving trains, he had high hopes of landing an important contract

with Amtrak to produce videos of the then-new high-speed Acela. Now

he has it, a video production and merchandise distribution agreement

featuring Amtrak’s Acela Express, the nation’s first high-speed train


Trainfans will produce and distribute video and DVD products about

Acela Express and release them this fall. Amtrak has already begun

to leverage its Amtrak and Acela brand names with other merchandise.

Trainfans also has alliances with NJ Transit and Southeastern


Transit Authority (SEPTA).

"Aligning with Trainfans regarding this video and merchandising

venture allows us to create entertaining products that have great

appeal to the growing train enthusiast marketplace — which is

a significant revenue opportunity for both parties," says Deborah

Varnado, Amtrak’s director of merchandising.

"The launch of Amtrak’s Acela Express has represented a defining

event for American transportation," says Haase. "We are


to work with Amtrak to produce exciting video and DVD products that

will capture an inside look at the superior amenities, speed,


service and the overall launch of the Acela Express, which is


for changing the way people travel."

"We worked hard on this," says Barbara Wasylyk, vice president

of Trainfans, "and now that it has come through, we are thrilled

to have this opportunity."

Trainfans, Inc., 83 Princeton Avenue, Hopewell

08525. 609-466-0880; fax, 609-466-8114. Steven T. Haase, principal.

E-mail: Home page:

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Contracts Awarded Inc., 100 Village Boulevard, Suite

200, Princeton 08540. Richard A. Maloy Jr., president and CEO.


fax, 609-987-0490. Home page:

Another Princeton startup, Insure Hi-Tech, has also scored a

major win that will bolster its chances of success. The E-business

property and casualty insurance brokerage received a second round

of financing worth $4.35 million from a trio of investors that include

J.P. Morgan Corsair II Capital Partners, a $1 billion private equity

fund that contributed $10 million to the first round. The firm will

expand its technology platform for middle market technology clients

and add to its brokerage sales and service team.

"In the worst fund raising market in 10 years," says Richard

A. Maloy, founder and CEO, "InsureHiTech was able to secure


from our initial investor and our partners within the industry. That

sends a very strong message that our solution will change the way

commercial insurance data processing will be delivered."

The Chauncey Group International, 664 Rosedale

Road, Princeton 08540-0001. Judith D. Moore, president & CEO.


fax, 609-720-6550. Home page:

The Chauncey Group chalked up another contract — to provide

agency testing services to the Liaison Council on Certification for

the Surgical Technologist, the national certifying body for surgical

technologists and first assistants, based in Englewood, Colorado.

Some 5,000 candidates seek certification each year.

After the Chauncey Group does job analyses, it will develop certifying

examinations, administer them as computer-based tests through its

Baltimore-based partner, Prometric, and handle the scoring and


of the results. Last year the Chauncey Group — a for-profit


of Educational Testing Service — administered certification and

licensing examinations to over 2 million candidates via


computer-based, and Internet-based testing in 35 countries.

Princeton Video Image Inc. (PVI) (PVII), 15


Road, Lawrenceville 08648. Dennis P. Wilkinson, president and CEO.

609-912-9400; fax, 609-912-0044.

An Australian firm, Pineapplehead Ltd., has agreed to distribute


Video Image’s advertising images and solutions in television markets

in Australia and New Zealand. In December PVI had bought a Mexican

company for the purpose of using its virtual advertising technology

in soccer telecasts. The company develops, makes, and sells computer

hardware and software for video processing for television advertising


StatementOne, 1009 Lenox Drive, Suite 103,


08648. 609-620-5800; fax, 609-620-5801.

Cambridge Investment Research, based in Fairfield, Iowa, has agreed

to use StatementOne’s financial data consolidation and performance

reporting platform. StatementOne, a web-based platform for delivering

consolidated financial statements and performance reporting, manages

account data for more than 13,000 financial advisors and 1 million

investors. Cambridge is an independent broker dealer with 400


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Office Closed

Career Resource Group, 214 Carnegie Center, Suite

105, Princeton 08540. Karen Smith-Moore, branch manager. 609-243-8960;

fax, 609-243-8970. Home page:

Career Resource Group, a placement firm formerly known as the Cittone

Group, closed its office at 214 Carnegie Center in early June. Michele

Mayer, office manager of the company’s Marlton office, says Princeton

operations will be handled from that office. "It just wasn’t there

for us," she says of the reason the three-person firm decided

to leave the Princeton area.

The downturn in business began even before recession talk began some

six months ago, according to Mayer, who says none of the employees

from the Carnegie Center office made the move to Marlton. She declined

to provide details on whether they had been laid off.

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Leaving Town

Dopak Inc., 2010 Eastpark Boulevard, Cranbury


609-655-3700; fax, 609-655-4888. Home page:

At the end of June this petrochemical-based business moved to 9572

Kempewood, Houston TX 77080, 713-460-8311; fax, 713-460-8578. None

of the 10 people here accepted transfers.

"Our main business is in the Gulf Coast area, so the decision

was made to move the office," says a spokesperson. Martin Ball,

vice president, is in charge of this part of a Dutch company named

Dovianus. Dopak makes and sells liquid process samplers to the



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