Bio-1, a five-county partnership designed to encourage growth in central New Jersey’s bioscience industry, is seeking proposals in three categories for the next round of funding to transform the area’s bioscience workforce development efforts.

Eligible applicants for Bio-1 funding include 501(c)3 non-profit organizations, individual businesses or business partnerships, educational entities, economic development organizations, workforce intermediaries, and community-based organizations.

Deadline for receipt of the proposals is Friday, March 6, at noon. More information and the RFP Guidelines are available at

The categories of proposals are:

1. Development of an online and in-person bioscience career training program for workforce system career counselors. This includes biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and green sectors.

2. Development of a neuroscience network and event.

3. Development of a natural products training tool, such as dietary supplements, functional foods, nutraceuticals, nutrigenomics, and medical food.

Bio-1 executive director Mary Ellen Clark says that the collaborative is looking for ways to strengthen New Jersey’s workforce development in emerging areas such as green technology and natural products, as well as in the neurosciences, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

The proposals should address Bio-1’s guiding principles for projects: strategic alignment/portfolio fit, transformational, leveraged resources, scalable and sustainable. “We encourage applicants to look for new ways to collaborate with other organizations,” Clark says.

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