Binto: Keeping Track of Study Subjects

Binto, a company that tracks patients involved in pharmaceutical trials, has moved from shared space to new offices at Canal Pointe Boulevard. “We outgrew our old offices. We were bursting at the seams,” says Melissa Easy, speaking from the company’s London office, where she is in charge of global strategic relations.

Binto, spun off from a consulting firm in 2006, is a privately-owned company with about 17 permanent employees and 50 to 60 hourly contract employees. Its clients are large pharmaceutial companies, biotechs, contract research organizations, and patient recruitment companies.

Clinical trials, necessary to obtain approval for marketing a drug, often involve a large number of people. “Thousands,” says Easy. At the same time, she says, the trials are getting longer and longer, not uncommonly running for a decade or more.

During that time, she points out, “people die, they move, they retire.” Her company’s pitch is that a study cannot be completely accurate if some of the patients it is studying go missing.

So Binto’s niche is working at keeping contact information for everyone in a study up to date.

It is also equipped to send out newsletters to patients, to inform them of any significant study findings that might affect their health, and to capture patient-reported outcomes.

Pharmaceutical companies cannot know who the patients in their studies are, says Binto. Traditionally, she says, this falls to the doctor, or investigator, running the study. These researchers collect medical information, but, under privacy laws, a patient’s medical history must be kept separate from information on his identity and whereabouts. Binto keeps track of the contact information, but, says Easy, “never keeps a patient’s medical records.”

The service that it offers saves time for the doctors conducting the study, ensures that patients are kept up to date on study results, and works to keep patients from disappearing.

Easy says that her company has applied for a patent on the processes that it uses, and that, therefore, it has no direct competitors. “Other companies do bits of what we do,” she says, but no other company offers exactly the same services.

Demand, fueled by the growing length of clinical trials, and by new privacy laws in both the United States and in Europe, is growing.

Binto, 100 Canal Pointe Boulevard, , , Princeton 08540-; 866-409-8111; fax, . Elizabeth Monge, office manager. Home page:


Barrier Therapeutics Inc. (BTRX), 600 College Road East, Suite 3200, Princeton 08540; 609-945-1200; fax, 609-945-1212. Geert Cauwenbergh, CEO. Home page:

Barrier Therapeutics, a six-year-old pharmaceutical company that develops and markets dermatology products, announced on June 23 that it has signed a definitive merger agreement with Stiefel Laboratories of Miami, the world’s largest independent pharmaceutical company specializing in dermatology.

Under the agreement, Stiefel Laboratories will purchase all of the outstanding shares of Barrier Therapeutics at a price of $4.15 per share in cash, representing a 73 percent premium to Barrier Therapeutics’ average closing price for the past 30 days. The transaction, valued at approximately $148 million, has been approved by Barrier’s board of directors and is expected to close by the end of the third quarter of 2008.

A spokesperson at Barrier’s College Road East says that there have been no decisions as yet about any changes at that office. Stiefel Laboratories, through a spokesperson, says that the company is in the “pre-integration planning process” and is “working on plans for Barrier’s people.”

Barrier’s products include Vusion ointment, a prescription product approved in the U.S. for the treatment of diaper dermatitis, also known as diaper rash. It also markets Xolegel for seborrheic dermatitis and Solage for solar lentigines, or freckles caused by exposure to the sun.

The company has a number of other products in its pipeline.

New in Town

Stracq Inc., Commons Way, Suite 221, Montgomery; 908-281-5577; fax, 908-281-5392.

Stracq Inc., a wholesaler and importer of waste materials, has opened in Montgomery. The company wholesales chemicals and allied products and deals with refuse collection and disposal, nonhazardous waste disposal, liquid waste treatment, hazardous waste disposal, and refuse disposal and treatment.

Crosstown Moves

Alicea & Roman Associates, 3131 Princeton Pike, Building 5, Suite 101, Lawrenceville 08648; 609-895-7100; fax, 609-895-7105. Eva Alicea-Roman, principal. Home page:

Accounting firm Alecea & Roman Associates, specializing in small business accounting, income tax, and payroll services, is now doing business in Lawrenceville. The firm previously operated in Trenton.

Supti Bhattacharya Attorney at Law, 3371 Brunswick Pike, Lawrence Commons, Suite 203, Lawrenceville 08648; 609-896-8100; fax, 609-482-3119. Home page:

Attorney Supti Battacharya, who practices family, divorce, and cutodial law, has opened an office in Lawrenceville Previously, his practice was located on West State Street in Trenton.

Lanciano & Associates, 2 Route 31 North, Pennington 08534; 609-452-7100; fax, 609-452-7778. Guy Lanciano, principal. Home page:

The law firm of Lanciano & Associates has moved from 600 Alexander Road to Pennington. Founder Guy Lanciano has purchased the building in which his offices are now located for an undisclosed amount.

MADD New Jersey, 2008 East Park Boulevard, Box 5085, Cranbury 08512; 609-409-1220; fax, 609-585-1890. Mindy A. Lazar, executive director.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the Dallas-based advocacy group, has moved its New Jersey offices from Trenton to Cranbury.

Provident Senior Living Trust, 650 College Road East, Suite 1400, Princeton 08540; 609-720-0825; fax, 609-720-0826. Darryl W. Copeland Jr., president.

Provident Senior Living Trust has moved its offices farther down College Road East, from 600 to 650.

Sherlock Yandoli Financial Services, 20 Nassau Street, Princeton 08542; 609-279-2790; fax, 609-279-2791. Robert S. Sherlock Jr., principal. Home page:

The financial planning firm of Sherlock Yandoli has left its offices at 812 State Road. The firm continues to operate, but no address is available at this time.

Leaving Town

Art Wholesalers Ltd., 27 Route 31 South, Pennington.

Art Wholesalers Ltd., manufacturers, importers, and exporters of wall art, has left its Pennington location. No forwarding information is available.

Maguire Group Inc., 3131 Princeton Pike, Building 6, Suite 112, Lawrenceville. Home page:

The Maguire Group, a design engineering company based in Roxborough, Massachusetts, has closed its Princeton Pike office as a result of a consolidation of its New Jersey and Connecticut operations. Spokesman Lou Rocchini says that all nine employees at the Princeton Pike office were laid off, and were offered severance packages.

Bridge and roadway design were the specialities of this office. The laid off employees are engineers, says Rocchini.

Name Change

PNY Lab (formerly Yianilos Labs), 902 Carnegie Center, Princeton 08540; 609-683-4002. Peter Yianilos, principal. Home page:

Yianilos Laboratories, operated by Peter N. Yianilos, is now named PNY Lab. Yianilos moved the companies offices from 707 State Road this past spring.


Stephen Drew Tomlinson, 51. A Plainsboro resident, he was an expert in data security and recovery.

James C. McKeever, 89, on June 13. A retired professor of voice at Westminster Choir College, he also taught private students and was past president of the Rotary Club of Princeton.

Donald Guglielmo, 73, on June 27. After running his company, Quality Balance Service, in Mercerville, he became a part-time real estate agent with Coldwell Banker, Hamilton Square.

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