An injury or illness can be immensely stressful for patients and their caretakers — and the last thing they want to worry about during their recovery is the resulting pile-up of bills and insurance documentation. Fortunately, Olga Barone-Allan and her company, Billing Angel, are here to help.

Billing Angel is a billing advocacy company that helps clients understand and manage their healthcare bills. When human beings experience the stress of health trauma, it is not uncommon for lives to unravel, between caring for their loved owns and trying to understand and manage the huge amounts of healthcare bills arriving daily. Billing Angel brings order and understanding to the large volume of the healthcare correspondence, allowing the client to keep their focus on health and family. Its clients include individuals, families, and caregivers to the elderly.

Services provided by Billing Angel include medical bill investigation to ensure all charges are accurate; negotiating with insurance companies; tracking and processing claims for flexible spending accounts (FSAs); managing ongoing medical bills; and advocacy and consulting services.

Olga Barone-Allan is the perfect leader for Billing Angel. A graduate of The College of New Jersey, she has broad and detailed knowledge of revenue cycle management (insurance billing and collections), revenue integrity, government payer compliance, denials management, uncompensated care, analytics, process management, HIPAA, product development, and process improvement. She is well respected in the northeast region for her active leadership and diversified areas of expertise and has been an active member of the New Jersey Chapter of American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management and Healthcare Financial Management Association for more than 20 years. She has held senior management positions in consulting as the Director of Patient Financial Services at a mid-size hospital and as Assistant Director at a multi-hospital organization in New Jersey.

“‍When you retain our services, you can count on our expertise, compassion and professionalism to meet your needs regarding medical insurance and medical claims,” Barone-Allan says. “Our goal is to minimize your stress by providing you with education, guidance and confidence that your medical bills are correct.”

Testimonials from past clients show that Barone-Allan and Billing Angel are excelling at that mission.

‍“I was referred to Olga Barone-Allan by my Medicaid, Elder Care and Estate Planning lawyer. Olga was tasked with straightening out a nursing home snafu for a family friend recently placed on Medicaid. I was quite distraught and overwhelmed with a $10,000 overcharge. Olga was wonderfully accessible and reassuring during the entire process. I was kept informed throughout her investigation. Olga’s interaction with all parties at the nursing home was courteous and professional. She had resolved my issue within 10 days,” writes Karen P.

“Medicaid regulations and dealing with complicated nursing home billing errors can be daunting for the average person. To know that Olga was well versed in all of that gave me tremendous confidence that she would be able to get to the root of the problem. She treated me with respect, patience and gave me emotional support. I would use Olga Barone-Allan again without hesitation. Olga exceeded my highest expectations. I couldn’t have asked for more. I highly recommend her.”

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