To the Editor: Venture Corrections

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This article was prepared for the June 4, 2003 edition of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved.

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To the Editor: Venture Corrections

REGARDING "Sources of Venture Capital" on May 28, the nonprofit

New Jersey Entreprenurial Network provides fantastic lunch, fascinating

panelists, and terrific networking meetings, but not capital.

Also, I was a founder of Entrepreneurs University, sponsored by the

New Jersey Entrepreneurs Forum, not of the New Jersey Entrepreneurial

Network. (NJEN co-founders include Bob Frawley, Dave Wiesen, Bob Little,

Mike Brennan, and it is sponsored by Rick Pinto of Smith Stratton

Wise Heher & Brennan. Other co-founders of the NJEF’s Entrepreneurs

University include Jeff Milanette, Ron Hahn, Steve Murphy, Rick Pinto,

and Jared Silverman.)

I was the program coordinator from 1996 to 2002 and its vice

president and outreach coordinator from 1998 to 2002. After September

11 I reevaluated my priorities and now I focus on second Thursdays,

in Somerset, where my New Jersey Angels Network performs VenturEvaluations

and dealscrubbing for earlystage teams and CEOs at lunch, followed

by the " Entrepreneurs University" dinner program.

Both are held at McAteers, 1714 Easton Avenue, Route 527, Somerset.

Bob Quaranta, CEO of Accelerated Care Telemedicine For Rural American

Families, will be a presenter at Venture Fair on

June 17 and 18 in Wilmington, Delaware, not at the New Jersey Entrepreneurial

Network on June 4.

I did not say that the New Jersey Science and Technology Commission

has been eliminated, only that its funding is not being renewed for

next year’s state budget. For Bootstrappers, this is a crisis —

and we, as taxpayers, very much need to have our Assembly, our Governor,

and the public create groundswell support to renew the Commission’s

programs ASAP, for job creation, and for job growth in New Jersey.

Our neighbors in Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, and Maryland are

going to grow the stronger companies if New Jersey gives up its leadership

in growing info science and life science businesses.

Dan Conley

Silicon Garden

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Hands On Work

THE ARTS AT ACS in Hamilton had an unprecedented response from a Survival

Guide article on our woodworking classes (U.S. 1, May 14). We had

30 more hits on our website than usual on the first day, and 50 hits

for several days afterwards. At least one student signed up for the

beginner furniture making class as a result of the article. Also an

employment service inquired on behalf of its clients about our four-week

course, in which we teach how to use hand tools and power equipment


My partner and I do demonstrations for the beginner course and seven

more advanced classes at Woodworkers Warehouse in Lawrenceville Shopping

Center on third Saturdays and Sundays of each month (

or 609-396-9783). Thank you for this coverage.

Alan C. Siswein

Arts at ACS in Hamilton

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