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This column by Richard K. Rein was published in U.S. 1 Newspaper on July 21,

1999. All rights reserved.

Between the Lines: Springsteen

Everyone has a Bruce Springsteen story. Stan Kephart,

the artist and graphic arts specialist who creates our cover images

every week, looked at this week’s subject matter and remembered the

night in New Brunswick years ago, when he was working for the New

Brunswick Home News. As he and other journalists departed the newsroom

late one night, someone mentioned that they had heard that Bruce Springsteen

was in town, playing a small club round the corner.

Sure enough, at a small club with a name Kephart can no longer recall,

he and the other Homes News staffers crowded in among the youthful

followers of Springsteen for an intimate dose of the Boss’s music

that Kephart has never forgotten.

Our boss (with a little b) has his own story, of course. Richard K.

Rein recalls an evening in the early to mid-1970s, when Springsteen

was scheduled to appear at Princeton University’s Jadwin Gym. Rein

happened into the Hudibras Bar on Nassau Street (site of the present-day

brew pub) and sat next to two attractive young women. The conversation

turned to what do you do (freelance writer for People magazine, among

other publications) and you (college students here to see Bruce Springsteen).

The college students then made Rein an offer of a decade: They had

one extra ticket to the concert, and would give it to Rein if he would

help spread the word about the rising young rock ‘n’ roller with People

magazine’s editors. Rein (obviously as out of touch then as he is

now) turned them down. Several years later Springsteen was the big

star, and Rein was on assignment for People magazine scrounging around

Freehold High School (Bruce’s alma mater) for revealing stories.

And now we have Preview editor Nicole Plett, who also has a Springsteen

story, even though she has never once seen the man perform. She was

preparing her story on Mikhail Baryshnikov (see page 28 of this issue),

and marveled at the fact that McCarter Theater was able to double

the number of dance concerts, from three to six, on the strength of

strong advance ticket sales.

But that was nothing, Plett was told. Bruce Springsteen originally

had had two concerts scheduled for Philadelphia, and — in the

space of just three hours on a Saturday morning — the tidal wave

of sales had forced the promoters to go from two shows to three, four,

five, and finally six. How could that be, wondered Plett. She checked

with some music industry insiders and got the scoop: Six concerts,

in fact, had been anticipated all along. By announcing just two, a

sense of urgency was created and demand built. By the time "new"

shows were being announced, people in line to buy just one show caught

the enthusiasm and bought more tickets for other shows. Others, thanks

to live TV and radio coverage, saw and heard about the long lines

and the new shows, and flocked to be part of the action.

So there’s a third Springsteen story. As for a story about the Boss

himself, well, we go back to our original point: Everyone has a Springsteen

story and so does every newspaper in the state. We at U.S. 1 will

concentrate on Misha’s area debut this time around, and come back

to Springsteen later this summer. Rock on, dance on.

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I am a Licensed Psychologist (since 1968) and am listed as such in

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Gladys Bruner MS

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