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Between the Lines: Momo Realty and Medarex

Last week the camera ready mechanicals for our biannual

dining issue were being carried out of our door and toward the


plant in Philadelphia as the mail carrier was entering the door with

the day’s pile of correspondence. Featured on the cover of the paper

were Carlo and Raoul Momo, the brothers who have brought a rare


of good food and good business sense to the Princeton dining scene.

In the pile of mail was a letter from the bankruptcy court, notifying

creditors of the forthcoming sale of the old Lapidus Deli on


Road to an entity known as Momo Realty. If we had been 20 minutes

later leaving for Philadelphia or if the mail had been 20 minutes

earlier arriving at our door (or if the court had used E-mail instead

of snail mail) we would have reported that the brothers now command

not 16 but 17 eating places in central New Jersey, including Mediterra

in downtown Princeton, Teresa’s, Pizza Colore, and the newly opened

Nova Terra in New Brunswick.

Fans of Lapidus Deli will recall the quaint space, with its well worn

wooden floors and warmly cluttered counters. People familiar with

the Momo operation can guess that most of that ambiance will be


"If we find a space we really like," Carlo Momo was quoted

as saying in last week’s article, "we put in a concept that we

think would best suit the space and the market."

"Our family has always gotten involved in things that are


Buildings, food, products, things you can feel," he added.

The renowned deli was run for many years by Stanley Lapidus —

but more recently sold to another operator. The court notice listed

the price of the transaction at $50,000. Included in the sale,


to a bankruptcy notice, is the name, the equipment, and the inventory.

The current owners had filed for liquidation with Chapter 7 last


case 99-53303. The sale is expected to take place next Monday, October

30, at 10 a.m. in the court of Judge Raymond T. Lyons Jr. The trustee

is Daniel E. Straffi in Toms River.

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Fused Scientists

I enjoyed your November, 1999, articles about Medarex

(www.princetoninfo.com/199911/91117c01.html). However, it came

to my attention that your writer committed an error when she


referred to the discoverer of monoclonal antibodies as "Milstein

Y. Kohler."

Actually this technology was developed by two scientists, Cesar


and Georges Kohler.

Sirid-Aimee Kellermann Ph.D.

DNAX Research Institute

Palo Alto


Editor’s note: The writer also berated U.S. 1’s editors

for being "asleep on the job" and for permitting "these

sorts of gaffes" that "hurt your journalistic


We at U.S. 1 appreciate the lecture but we actually think the bigger

lesson is the reach and shelf life of the Internet: An article


almost a year ago, corrected by a reader on the other side of the

continent! As always, we welcome the feedback. And, given the Momo

example above, E-mail might be the best way: info@princetoninfo.

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