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Between the Lines: D&R Canal

No one will be surprised to hear that a Rutgers census

study describes New Jersey as the most densely populated state in

the nation. More surprising, though, is that — with 1,100 people

per square mile — New Jersey’s population density is greater than

that of India and Japan.

Maybe that is one reason why we have received such enthusiastic


about Carolyn Foote Edelmann’s poetic descriptions of various


enclaves in our crowded midst. Edelmann’s recent visits to the


& Raritan Canal towpath (U.S. 1, July 5, and to the Sourland

Mountain Preserve (July 12, triggered a flurry of

responses, some passed along

by neighbors and colleagues at work and some included in letters to

the editor.

Edelmann reports that it began with a Post-it on her apartment door

shortly after the towpath article: "Impressive work in U.S.


On the same day Bob Humienny of American ReInsurance dropped her a

note with an almost identical observation: "Impressive piece in

U.S. 1 this week." (American Re later posted a description of

the Edelmann article on the company’s intranet, along with a link

to the article on the U.S. 1 website,

Then Linda Barth of the Canal Society of New Jersey was wondering

why she had received an unprecedented number of phone calls about

joining the series of towpath walk that she leads monthly (and that

was listed at the end of our article). And many wondered why the


lot at the Griggstown Causeway was unusually packed.

Then came the letters and E-mails:

CONGRATULATIONS ON a great story on the D&R Canal. It is well written

and entertaining and captures the essence of the canal. Great job!

Patricia Quinby

Delaware & Raritan Greenway

570 Mercer Road

CAROLYN: Excellent writing as usual. Looks like you’ve found

your calling in prose, bringing the poet’s lyricism. And here you’ve

combined it with the work of my favorite nature photographer, Clem

Fiori. Congratulations!

Kam Williams

IT WAS GREAT to see an article on the Sourlands. However I


the author was wrong about the geological formation. The glaciers

only extended to the Newark Basin, not as far south at the Sourlands.

What you see in the Sourlands in uneroded basalt and argillite.

This is a special environment and I am going to join the Sourland

Planning Council. Thanks for publishing it.

Jean Harrington


We even received one letter reminding us that — no matter

how densely populated we may be — this is still a small world:

I ENJOYED YOUR evocative U.S. 1 article on the D&R Canal. The

towpath is a wonderful refuge.

I was especially delighted by your discovery of the dates penciled

on the sawn ash. That was my doing last fall or winter, for my own

curiosity about the tree’s age, but also hoping others would see and

appreciate the information. It’s nice to know that you did.

"Someone impeccable,"

Dick Kraeuter


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