Not so many years ago we at U.S. 1 used to dip our toe into the trade fair business. After reporting and writing for months on end about the newest hardware and software, we would invite our readers (and advertisers, of course) to meet in person, show off their greatest and latest equipment, and share war stories about keeping up in a fast changing world.

But gradually the content for such showcases became less physical and more virtual — who needed a hotel ballroom when you could go online and visit the entire world. We bowed out of the trade fair business. These days the Princeton Chamber is one of the few organizations still sponsoring an annual trade fair.

As you can tell from our cover, and from our coverage beginning on page 39, we are glad they still put together a show. Our senior correspondent, Barbara Fox, wore two hats at the show: One as a volunteer member of the chamber’s board and the other as a reporter covering the seminar on social media and gathering the caption information for Stephanie F. Black’s photographic coverage.

In addition to the three social media panelists, who’s who on the U.S. 1 cover? In the top photo, the people in the foreground are, from the left, Lisa and Britanny Forrester of Harmony Schools, Chris Carrell and Richard Moskovitz of Rat’s, and Korrin Durkin of Princeton University.

The ribbon cutting photo includes, from the left, Larry Krampf, chamber president and CEO of Marke Communications; Jerry Fennelly of NAI Fennelly; Jack Morrison of the JM Group, Janice Mironov, mayor of East Windsor; Chamber CEO Peter Crowley; Plainsboro Mayor Peter Cantu; architect Bob Hillier, chamber president elect; Walter Schmidlin of Sarnoff; Paul Breitman, an assistant VP at Princeton University; Patrick Ryan of Hopewell Valley Community Bank; Scott Needham of Princeton Air Conditioning; Melissa Tenzer of Careers USA; Heather Kearns-Latini of Kearns Graphics; and Margie Pilere, regional director of business development for the NJEDA.

Also James Hyman of Hopewell Valley Community Bank; U.S. 1’s Barbara Fox; Nell Haughton of Congressman Rush Holt’s office; Anne O’Neill, executive director, the Scheide Fund; Kevin Kardos of Paychex Inc.; Karen Jezierny, director of public affairs at Princeton University; Christopher Tarr of Stevens & Lee; and Anna Lustenberg, director of external affairs at Verizon.

Correction: Dan O’Neill, marketing director for the nationwide records management company, Iron Mountain, had kind words about the September 30 U.S. 1 cover story: “Nice profile of DocuSafe, and thanks for working so hard to tell a complete story. They sound like a great company.”

But he did note one error in our reporting. Iron Mountain safeguards more than 60 million computer back-up tapes, not the 16 million reported in our story.

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