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To the Editor:

What a magnificent story and assemblage of photos


"The Jazz Nativity" in U.S. 1 (November 28) — on the first

page, yet! It’s all so beautiful and so very much appreciated.

Writer and composer Anne Phillips was thrilled you ran her photo and

wrote such a beautiful story. As you well know by now, the Patriots

Theater audience was filled to the gills and drew an exceptionally

warm and welcoming crowd which showed their excitement and enthusiasm

throughout. From the many calls I got, the audience was exceptionally

attuned and full of enthusiasm and the cast was equally so.

As you also know, your wonderful coverage was responsible for a large

part of that great full-house. Thank you.

Virginia Wicks

Virginia Wicks & Associates, Los Angeles

ON BEHALF of the Breast Cancer Resource Center of the YWCA of

Princeton, we would like to thank Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of

New Jersey for its role in organizing the Second Annual Susan G. Komen

Breast Cancer Foundation NJ Race for the Cure Golf Classic held last

October at Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club. The Classic raised $30,000.

The funds will be used in the effort to eradicate breast cancer as

a life-threatening disease through research, education, screening

and treatment. The Golf Classic has proved to be a wonderful


to the Komen Race for the Cure, which is part of a national fund



The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation’s Research Program funds

innovative breast cancer research; 25 percent of all the Race’s net

proceeds fund research, while the remaining 75 percent of the net

helps fund breast cancer diagnostics, treatment, awareness and


projects for the medically underserved in New Jersey.

Horizon’s commitment to the Foundation shows that the company cares

about working hand-in-hand with the organizations fighting diseases

like breast cancer. The Golf Classic has been a great success, and

our partnership with Horizon plays a huge role in helping women in

New Jersey battle breast cancer.

Nancy Healey and Jane Rodney


Breast Cancer Resource Center of the YWCA of Princeton

Editor’s note: Next week, on December 19, U.S. 1 will


"Helping Hands" who work for various social service agencies

and charities. Then we will take a one-week holiday break, with no

issue on December 26.

We will return on Wednesday, January 2, with our annual Survival

Guide issue, filled with tips for jobhunters, entrepreneurs, and


managers. Lots of readers already know about that part of our company

mission. We just received the following letter from a management


based in Voorhees.

I’D LIKE to commend U.S. 1 newspaper for its fine small business

"advocacy." We share common concerns. Our firm enjoys nothing

better than hopefully making small business big business.

Martin H. Abo CPA

Abo and Company LLC

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