To the Editor: Sikhs to Celtics

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To the Editor: Sikhs to Celtics

I am very grateful for your efforts in bringing out

the way of life and thinking of "the Sikhs among us" to the

community at large through William Ostrem’s multi-faceted article

in the November 21 issue of U.S. 1. I hope that such efforts create

the consciousness that although Sikhs and many other human beings

may look and dress differently from the mainstream, yet they are a

part of the larger U.S. and world community.

I will like to point out one factual inaccuracy in the article. After

the assassination of Mrs. Indira Gandhi in 1984, Hindus in general

did not go out killing Sikhs, but as it was later documented, certain

political and social sections of the population organized mass


against the Sikhs. In fact, in my community Sikhs and Hindus joined

hands to prevent any attacks from outsiders on Sikh households and

businesses. And yes, the government and the administration did little

to stop the violence and the carnage.

I hope you will publish this clarification both to set the record

straight as well as a reminder that painting a whole community with

a broad brush based on acts committed by a small section of the


is not wise in general.

Harpreet S. Sawhney

Eden’s Tir na Nog

THANK YOU for the outstanding article, "Entertaining: Advice from

the Pros," in the November 14 edition of U.S. 1. By Friday of

that week many people who are friends of the Eden Family of Services

called to let us know that they read the article and were pleased

to see Eden’s special event fundraising efforts highlighted.

U.S. 1 has always been supportive of Eden’s efforts and this article

by Barbara Fox was informative and thorough. So many organizations

use the special event format as a tool for their fundraising


we were pleased to be able to contribute our views on the "how

tos" along with those of our colleagues also mentioned in the

article on event planning in the Princeton area.

The publicity regarding our upcoming white tie gala, Eden Dreams,

was appreciated as well. I would like to point out one correction:

Eden Dreams for 2002 will be held on January 19 (not January 20),

and the theme for this year is Dreams of Tir na Nog (Celtic for the

land of the ever young). Thanks once again for the great publicity!

Daria Caldwell

Eden Family of Services

From the Editor: The January 19 Eden Dreams gala has

already been entered on U.S. 1’s 2002 wall calendar, which will be

delivered to offices up and down the Route 1 corridor on Wednesday,

December 19.

Speaking of delivery, we should note that members of the Eden

Family are among the several dozen people who faithfully help us


this paper every Wednesday. The Eden team fills news boxes on Nassau

Street and at the train stations, and delivers to several Route 1

shopping malls. So we thank Eden, as well.

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