Forrestal Growth

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By any chance have you received this courteous request in your E-mail

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But that was all before anthrax. Now we are putting black plastic


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Forrestal Growth

As a long time reader of U.S. 1, I was disappointed

in the item in "Life in the Fast Lane" regarding the Sayre

Road underpass (U.S. 1, October 24, reporting on the approval of the

new Forrestal Center North Campus). Apparently, the author may not

have attended the first Plainsboro Planning Board meeting when the

plans for this large office development and the connecting roads were

presented. The meeting was a attended by several hundred residents,

very concerned with the traffic through a somewhat narrow underpass

designed more than 50 years ago for limited Princeton University


perhaps 10 or 20 vehicles an hour.

Today that underpass is used by nearly 75 cars an hour. To think it

now can handle over 1,100 vehicles in that morning rush hour and


another 1,100 in the evening is close to ridiculous. And at that


Mayor Cantu and the other members of his Planning Board assured us

that "we had nothing to worry about." Well, we are worried!

The obvious solution is to have Campus Drive connect from Scudders

Mill Road to College Road East and be the only entry and exit to this

large office park. This would be in keeping with Mayor Cantu’s proud

statement that — on the portion of Route 1 that passes through

Plainsboro Township — no office park or business enjoys direct

access to the highway.

Cantu made that statement to the Princeton Landing residents less

than a year ago.

Can we trust any politicians?

Richard M. Stone

252 Sayre Drive, Princeton Landing

Editor’s note: Princeton Landing has a Princeton address

but is physically in Plainsboro.


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