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Between the Lines

You never know what you get, these days, when you open the mail,

whether it’s E-mail, FedEx, or snail mail. So this week it was a

pleasant surprise to get two encouraging missives.

Cody Eckert, principal of the architectural firm on Clarksville Road,

wrote to thank Nicole Plett, the Preview editor, for the article in

our September 26 issue about her art show commemorating her father,

Nicholas Eckert. The exhibit, Plett wrote, "is a family affair in

which architect Cody pays tribute to her father, a well-known,

award-winning architect. His special love for the Swiss Alps, in

particular the magnificent

Matterhorn peak, inspired his daughter’s painting series, `Reflections

of Zermatt,’ based on her memories of the beauty spot."

Eckert says she received many responses. "The show was a fabulous

success with over 200 attendees, many as a result of your article. In

fact, on Monday, October 1, after the show, I received a call from a

man in Hillsborough who read your article but missed the show. He

wanted to know if there were any paintings from the Zermatt series

still available. He said he used to live in Geneva and was really

anxious to purchase one. This was a wonderful turn of events because

of your story.

"We held a silent auction for a painting, which brought a $1,000

donation to the New York Firefighters 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund. The

entire night was so meaningful.

"Over the past 20 years there have been many articles written about my

business and artwork in newspapers and magazines, however, yours was

the most creative and well written that I recall. You captured our

entire conversation very accurately and interestingly." Eckert adds

that her mother, Ruth Cody Eckert, from whence the architect inherited

her part of the "Buffalo Bill" Cody name, enjoyed the story, too.

Another piece of good news came from Joseph Montemarano, the cover

subject for our August 22 Technology Showcase issue, a 6,000-word

round-up of some of the research being conducted at Princeton

University. Montemarano is director of industrial liaison for the

university’s Center for Photonics and Optoelectronic Materials (POEM).

He sets up entrepreneurial and corporate opportunities — letting

companies know that POEM is a place to come for technical assistance

and, possibly, very valuable technology. As the speaker for the U.S. 1

Technology Forum on August 30, his subject was "From the Ivory Tower:

a Princeton Guide to Valuable Technology."

"I just wanted to let you know," Montemarano writes in an E-mail,

"that after the U.S. 1 articles in August on Princeton University I

received quite a bit of good feedback and a flurry of inquiries. In

fact, I am still receiving calls, including one today."

"A Princeton-based entrepreneur sold his West Coast start-up and is

now back in Princeton looking for the next new thing. He saw your

article and called me for possible help in identifying promising new

technology from Princeton University. I will probably meet with him

next week if schedules permit. I’ll keep you posted if this turns into

a new start-up — hopefully this time in Princeton instead of the West


So keep those letters, E-mails, and faxes coming. Unlike the U.S.

Congress (which is now requesting postcards and E-mails only) we are

still happy to read mail in any form.

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