Deja Vu?

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October 10, 2001 edition of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights


Between the Lines

How did U.S. 1 suddenly become such a big booster of

the City of Trenton? Some skeptical readers might look at the cover

images on this issue, and then note the fine print in the Trenton

Business Week ad that appears on page 9 of this issue. Haha: U.S.

1 is a sponsor of that week-long event — this must be another

case of the media being manipulated by commercial interests. But that

explanation doesn’t fly: U.S. 1’s role in the business week consists

of "in-kind" contributions. It has no stake in the outcome

of the event.

Readers with a good memory will recall that the author of the cover

story, Kathleen McGinn Spring, wrote another Trenton article for U.S.

1 several years ago — a first-person account of her family’s move

to Trenton and purchase of a home in the neighborhood known as


Island." Haha: Real estate profiteering or at least hometown


must be the motive. But in order for that explanation to fly, Spring

would have to have her house on the market now. So far as we know,

she’s happy to stay put, whether or not her house has appreciated

in value.

U.S. 1’s Richard K. Rein says he has a two-word explanation for U.S.

1’s interest in our neighbor to the south: Harry Sayen. Sayen was

the Trenton businessman and civic booster who in his later years wrote

a column for the Times of Trenton and was active in the MSM Regional

Council. When U.S. 1 was launched in 1984, Sayen was one of the first

visitors to Rein’s makeshift office in his garage in Princeton.


forget Trenton," Sayen told Rein. "It can be a great resource

for Princeton."

We never did forget Trenton. Over the years this paper has chronicled

the city’s treasures — from restaurants to minor league baseball

to architectural landmarks to real estate opportunities. U.S. 1 now

delivers nearly 300 papers every week to the bustling downtown Trenton

business district. Faithful readers — for this newspaper, that’s

the biggest treasure of all.

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Deja Vu?

Greater Mercer Transportation Association is indeed

having an expo on Tuesday, October 23, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Doral

Forrestal, but the program is different from what was printed in U.S.

1’s annual traffic issue on September 26. Due to overzealous use of

our archives, the announcement inadvertently featured news from a

1998 U.S. 1 article. Such are the wonders of the information age.

The good news is that the GMTA’s 2001 meeting also has interesting

exhibits, all with the theme "Discover a New World of


Janet Campbell Lorenc, of Bloomfield-based Systra, is working on the

Bus Rapid Transit possibilities with Sarnoff Corporation. Ron


of Transit Center will present information on transit passes that

corporation can hand out to employees. A representative from Michael

Baker Jr. Inc., the transportation engineering firm on College Road,

will show various uses for global positioning systems. And New Jersey

Transit will expound on its light rail possibilities.

Anyone can come to the expo and reception, but the sit-down lunch

is for members only. Call 609-452-1491.

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