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Between the Lines

Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year, so in

this issue (beginning on page 33) we offer romantic and


ways to celebrate the occasion.

Valentine’s Day is also the most popular day to pop the big question,

and therefore, claims author Leah Ingram, it is the unofficial start

of the wedding planning season. Ingram, a Ewing resident who is a

nationally published freelance journalist (Redbook, Cosmopolitan,

Glamour, and Allure, among others), will chat and sign books at


Barnes & Noble on Tuesday, February 24, from 8 to 10 p.m. She will

be promoting her newest book, "The Portable Wedding


published by Contemporary Books. It has advice from more than 100

experts and comes complete with a chapter on using the Internet to

plan your wedding — see page 36 of this issue for an excerpt.

Intrigued, we browsed through the suggested websites and found —

just what the best man needs — the Automatic Wedding Speechwriter

(http// Fill in the blanks

("I’ve known this idiot for X years") and most embarrassing

moments ("The bride’s family may not know about the time . . .

") and, presto, your toast is written.

All this makes us think: Maybe we could develop a little software

routine for our Between the Lines column. This column is stimulated

by the adrenaline rush of press time — it is always the last thing

written before the paper goes out the door. Sometimes we have been

thinking about the subject for several days. Other times we come in

on a Tuesday and hope inspiration will strike. An interactive software

program could be just the ticket.

The idea blossoms: We could create a company to market this


One of our reporters notes the story of Princeton Softech’s sale to

Computer Horizons — and all the staff ended up with a trip to

the Bahamas (page 54). Yes, great idea, the Bahamas. We will start

right away, right after we take this paper to the printer.

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To the Editor

THANK YOU for your wonderful article about Olsten Financial Staffing

(January 28). The response has been overwhelming. We received several

calls resulting in seven new candidates, six new clients, and a lot

of positive feedback from our current clients. Everyone seemed to

really enjoy the personal approach of the article, a U.S. 1 trademark!

Julie S. Giordano

Olsten Financial Staffing

We were delighted to see the article on our new Web site,

We felt that it captured the essence of what we are working toward.

I am almost reluctant to point out that the article did not accurately

state the name of the business, "Creative Seasoning Network."

This name was deliberately selected over "Creative Seasonings"

which is used by a host of small businesses all over the nation,


one in Massachusetts that does sell seasoning mixes.

Recent estimates of our Web site traffic are encouraging. With about

2,600 hits and 500 page downloads per week, we are estimating about

125 serious visitors per week.

Ann McCormick

Fiona Hinton

Creative Seasoning Network

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