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Between the Lines

In the best of times U.S. 1 has always had smart readers

taking advantage of its free classified ads for Jobs Wanted. People

under-employed, trailing spouses, those new to the work force, or

those simply between jobs for whatever reason have found the Jobs

Wanted section a good way (a very good way since the ads are free)

to test the market and their place in it.

And now, not surprisingly in the wake of the era in which dot.coms

have been replaced by dot.gones, we are beginning to see relatively

fewer Help Wanted ads and relatively more Jobs Wanted ads. In the

first issue after Labor Day last year we had two Jobs Wanted ads in

the paper. In this issue, starting on page 62, there are 10.

We are also hearing from some grateful jobseekers. The following ad

ran in our paper in the August 22 and 29 issues:

Former Stay-at-Home Mom: MBA in marketing, BA in math,

is looking to re-enter the full-time work force. Intelligent,


and hard working. Willing to start at the bottom for the right


Knowledge of Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Typing-60 wpm. Entry level

is okay. Job satisfaction is more important than salary.

Last week we received a cancellation request: "Thank you

for running this ad in your Jobs Wanted section. You do not need to

run it anymore. I received a job offer from a company in Princeton

through the ad and accepted it. Thank you very much for this


If we at U.S. 1 seem empathetic to the plight of the jobless,

no matter how temporary that status may be, it’s because we are —

we all have been there ourselves at one time or another. Until a year

ago or so U.S. 1’s Kathy Spring was part of that world. But,

as she explained in a first-person article in the August 8 issue,

the company came to a predictable end. And her feelings took

a somewhat unpredictable turn — no matter how expected the job

loss was, it still hurt.

The letter below comes from the sponsors of the re-employment program

that triggered Kathy Spring’s story:

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To the Editor:

ON BEHALF OF JEWISH Family & Children’s Service, I would like to thank

you for Kathleen McGinn Spring’s article about my pet program, Project

ReEmployment, in your August 8 issue. Your article depicted the


that many of my participants have expressed during my time as


of Project ReEmployment. In fact, several of my current participants

have enrolled in the program as a result of your article.

I cannot express how touched I was to find out that you found my


with displaced workers to mirror your personal experiences. It is

comforting to know that you were able to find employment after such

trying times, and I am certain that your words inspired many readers,

including those enrolled in Project ReEmployment.

Rachel Weitzenkorn LSW

Project ReEmployment, Jewish Family & Children’s


Out of work? Check out U.S. 1’s free Jobs Wanted ads.


on how to place the ad appear on page 62 of this issue.

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