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Between the Lines

Every summer we at U.S. 1 get to engage in a little

bit of journalistic schizophrenia. In the middle of the summer we

play host to the writers and poets who submitted work to our annual

Summer Fiction issue. Then (coming up this year on Thursday, August

30, at the Doral Forrestal) we host the annual U.S. 1 Technology


Try as we might we cannot logically link the two events in our mind.

This year the writers’ event was at Micawber Books on Nassau Street

and — in introducing one of the short stories published in the

Fiction Issue — we had the opportunity to invoke the name of


the French structuralist philosopher, as if we knew exactly who he

was and what he thought. On August 30, at the Doral, we will have

an opportunity to exchange thoughts on "bio-nano" devices

and ultra fast photonics, and we won’t even pretend to know how it

all works or what it all means.

We thought we were alone in trying to make sense out of all this


content, but then we read the Survival Guide item in this issue of

U.S. 1. On page 4 Joachim Schafer, the president of Hannover Fairs

and the Chamber of Commerce luncheon speaker at the upcoming August

30 event, tried to explain his fascination with the trade show


"It’s a little bit of the theater world. No, more like a circus

show," he said. "You ride into town. The elephant drags in

the tent. And then you ride out of town. There is a certain


and wonderful people."

So that’s it — we’re not summer schizophrenics, we are merely

ringmasters at a two-ring circus. And the people at both events are

truly wonderful.

So do join us at the joint Chamber of Commerce Trade Fair and U.S.

1 Technology Showcase this Thursday, August 30, from 11 a.m. to 5

p.m. Schafer speaks at the Chamber luncheon — call 609-520-1776

to reserve seats for that. Joe Montemarano of Princeton University

will keynote the U.S. 1 event at 4 p.m. That is free and reservations

are not needed, but call 609-452-7000 with any questions.

If you have questions about bio-nano devices — or lots of other

technology rolling out of university labs — Montemarano will be

the person to ask. And if you want to discuss Foucault, U.S. 1 will

have its resident expert on hand. If not quite a circus, it will be


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To the Editor:

WE HERE in the Princeton office of KANA were greatly surprised to

hear that our office had been closed (U.S. 1, August 15). We are,

in fact, still here and still engaged in developing software for KANA.

Specifically, we’re a part of the team that is continuing to build

KANA’s eCRM Architecture, which provides the framework for KANA’s

Customer Relationship Management Service and Marketing applications.

I have to apologize for the telephone problems that we’ve been having

recently. Our building is under construction and a recent power surge

caused us to lose our in-bound calling capability. Due to that outage,

you were unable to call into our site and that undoubtedly led to

you thinking that we weren’t here anymore!

Perry Smith

KANA Software Inc.

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