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The same team that puts out this newspaper also


the U.S. 1 Business Directory. Get us in a good mood and we will tell

you that doing this 256-page plus annual directory is every bit as

much fun as writing and editing an exciting cover story. Every bit.

Are we telling the truth? Almost. The pursuit of information is always

exciting. And a story is read just once, but the names, addresses,

and business descriptions are used over and over again. And it’s an

impressive volume — more than 5,000 companies in Central Jersey,

organized alphabetically and by business type — with many more

details than a telephone book. We’re proud of it, and when the


is finished, we like to use it ourselves.

But would we say that "directories are lots of fun" three

weeks from now? Probably not. It gets pretty busy around here during

February. This week, for instance, we are faxing out and mailing the

nearly 5,000 directory forms requesting information. These one-page

faxes ask firms to confirm their listing information.

Please return your form promptly! If you are new to the area or


don’t receive a coupon from us, use the one printed on page 43 of

this issue. If our fax is busy, please try again. And if you are a

retailer, restaurateur, or health and fitness provider, please be

patient. We have other directories later in the year for you.

If you have a question about the category in which we have placed

your company, call our FaxBack service, 609-452-7000, and request

Document 5101 to see our directory categories. Categories,


are the great black hole of directory publishers — see some of

our noble competitors to find out what happens when you don’t


evaluate category selections in this fast-moving, information-age

economy. We have added new categories this year for software


and consultants, pharmaceutical contract research organizations, and

for Internet service providers, differentiating them from Internet

consultants and web page designers.

March 18 is the delivery date for the U.S. 1 Directory. Every business

on our regular delivery route will get one copy, and extra copies

will be on sal. On that day, we’ll be ready to say it once more: Yes,

we’re having fun.

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Thank Yous

BY ADVERTISING my skills in your newspaper’s for-free job wanted


I secured a position as administrative manager with a commercial real

estate firm in Princeton. I would like to thank everyone at U.S. 1

for making this possible.

Bonnie Berkowitz

Editor’s note: See the Jobs Wanted section on page 56 for

information in placing your free job wanted ad.

MANY PEOPLE called to come to the Steinway Society’s Master

Class in response to the very fine Preview article on Alexander


(January 14). It was proudly displayed on a poster at the Master


It was a treat to work with Elaine Strauss — a gifted writer and

so knowledgeable about music. We appreciate the great publicity.

Mari Molenaar, president

Steinway Society

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It will contain listings of companies from Princeton to Trenton to

New Brunswick, from as far west as Hopewell to as far east as Exit

8A. Companies are divided into 32 categories and 176 sub categories

and show a detailed description of each firm’s products and services

plus the names of the president or owner. Many listings will have

human resource and purchasing contacts, revenues, staff size, and

square footage for a particular location.

The truth as we know it — or as we would like it to be.

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