Hidden Gardens, No More


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This column was prepared for the June 27, 2001 edition of U.S. 1

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Between the Lines

Last week, after we published our annual Presentation and Persuasion

issue, we felt like the middle-aged woman who — sporting an

engagement ring for the first time — is suddenly besieged by

prospective suitors. Now that she’s "taken" she is suddenly considered

more attractive.

Why weren’t we included in that issue, these companies wanted to know.

Why didn’t we get a chance to be interviewed or even to pay money for

an ad?

Like the new fiance, we had to tell them, "You had your chance." The

month before we had sent faxes to all the communications companies in

greater Princeton — ad agencies, graphic design companies, and

marketing firms.

The faxes reminded the agencies that our annual Presentation and

Persuasion issue was coming up and invited them to participate. On the

editorial side, they could submit a "war story" about how they helped

a client survive in the tight economy. Or on the advertising side,

they could run a half-page ad and tell about their agency in an


These faxes were in plain text and weren’t flashy — maybe people in

this industry pay better attention to strong design. A mistake. In any

case the faxes went unnoticed at a great many companies. So the

questions came:

How did editors choose the cover topic? It was submitted to us. We

liked the concept of the box and it fit our premise for this story.

How did reporters choose the companies to interview? We faxed ALL the

companies and included the best stories from those who responded. Some

of those who responded did not come up with interesting stories to

tell, so they didn’t get in.

Several people from the advertising community praised the issue. "It’s

good to read about what other people in the doing, like John

Fitzgerald — we know him and it is nice to see him getting some

coverage," says Robert Zyontz of Princeton MarkeTech on Vaughn Drive.

Both of Zyontz’s agencies were covered, one in the "free" editorial

columns and the other with a paid advertorial that came with a half

page ad. "Tom Sullivan has been with Princeton Partners for a long

time, and it is good to see what he has done since he took over the

company, how they have rebranded themselves. He is much more

aggressive and visionary.

Jennifer Hendrickson, account supervisor at Integrated Marketing

Services at Research Park, found "that the strategies of our so-called

competitors are quite creative and results-oriented." She says that

IMS and its sister company, American Opinion Research, did not notice

the fax when it came in. "I wish I had known that such a piece was

coming out so I would have had us included."

We also received a formal letter:

I enjoyed your June 20 coverage on the creativity of area marketing

companies, and in particular the section on Brandesign Incorporated

entitled "No Client Too Small."

In the case of last April’s Princeton Taste of the nation, no client

was "too poor" for Brandesign either. We produce our hunger relief

event on a near zero budget, and through some good networking on the

part of a committee member, Brandesign owner Barbara Harrington

volunteered the firm’s services to design our invitation card,

restaurant cards, and program, even producing posters and aprons for

our Market Booth.

We felt as pampered as the highest-paying client as they produced

prototypes for us to select from, then spent countless hours

meticulously constructing an offbeat sculpture of forks (which Ms.

Harrington scoured flea markets to find), taking the photos, digitally

enhancing the image, the "whole nine yards." They babied us through

the entire process, including the rigors of extensive program proofing

and production, to be sure everything was perfect before printed (i.e.

protecting us from your own mistakes!). Our finished pieces were so

spectacularly eye-catching that Boston’s Taste of the Nation requested

permission to use the same forks image for their (much larger) event.

Ms. Harrington’s input at our committee meetings was also invaluable,

and overall I would have to say they’ve raised the marketing (visual

and otherwise) of Princeton’s Taste of the Nation to a whole new


Faith Bahadurian

Princeton Event Chair

Share Our Strength

I was just looking through the latest edition of U.S. 1, and really

enjoyed the piece on marketing. I work with Integrated Marketing

Services in Princeton, and found that the strategies of our so-called

competitors are quite creative and results-oriented. I wish I had

known that such a piece was coming out so I would have had us

included. Do you provide any type of Editorial Calendar that I could

have access to?

I hope, if you do another piece on marketing and/or public relations

and advertising, you will consider Integrated Marketing Services as

viable source of information. Our company is 30 years old and was

founded by Lois Kaufman, PhD. The bulk of our clientele has been

pharmacy/biotech companies in need of branding, marketing, and public

relations, many of which are located on the Route 1 corridor in New

Jersey! A subset of our company is American Opinion Research which is

a full service qualitative and quantitative research company whose

clients include Proctor & Gamble, Educational Testing Services,

Newsweek, Siemens Medical Systems, and Dow Chemical.

If there is an editorial calendar, please let me know how to go about

receiving one. Additionally, please feel free to call if you feel our

company’s capabilities might fit in with your upcoming storylines.

Jennifer Hendrickson

Account Supervisor

Integrated Marketing Services

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Hidden Gardens, No More

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We appreciate the

information you published in your community calendar about our garden

tour. We are proud to say that the first Allentown Garden Club "Hidden

Gardens" Tour was an outstanding success. We received nothing but kind

and encouraging words from the garden visitors.

We owe much of our success to the publicity generated by your

community calendar listing. We are excited to tell you that despite

the threatening forecast, we still had just over 300 people attend the

day’s event. This is quite remarkable considering that this was our

first tour. The funds we raised will help support our community

beautification projects and speakers program. Thank you again for your


Joanne M. Wireman

Allentown Garden Club

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Mike Fuschini Sr., who lives in Princeton and is the paddock judge at

Freehold Raceway, corrects the date we printed for the venerable

Hambletonian harness race. The correct date is Saturday, August 4, at

the Meadowlands. U.S. 1 had referred to the race when describing the

activities of Name TK, the Lawrenceville-based firm that has created

an electonic kiosk for the race.

He points out that harness racing’s Standardbreds (originally bred for

driving and sport) are much hardier than Thoroughbreds (bred to run

faster times in "flat" races). Fuschini fell in love with harness

racing when he was 14. Fuschini notes that the Hambletonian is always

the first Sunday in August.

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