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This column was prepared for the June 13, 2001 edition of U.S. 1

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Between the Lines

Faithful readers of this newspaper will not be surprised

to learn that U.S. 1 senior editor Barbara Fox is the author of this

year’s Health and Fitness cover story on the exercise regimen known as

the Pilates Method. Pilates, as Fox explains in her story beginning on

page 45, is the preferred exercise form for many professionals in the

New York arts community.

And Fox, as faithful readers know, not only has written extensively

about dance but also has participated in various dance classes through

the years and draws on her dance contacts as sources of information

for all sorts of stories. One of the early connections of U.S. 1 to

the dance world came back in late 1988, when we were fishing around

for a cover image to illustrate our first issue of the new year, 1989.

Ever seeking to preview stories, rather than review them, we

determined that 1989 would be the beginning of musings about the

1990s, the last decade of the century and the millennium. So we came

up with a headline: Bracing for the ’90s. And Fox suggested the cover

image: Dancers from Teamwork Dance twisting their bodies into the form

of the nine, zero, and letter s.

One of the subjects of that issue concerned working women having

children later in life. That part of the 1990s wasn’t going to be

easy, U.S. 1 predicted in 1989. And working women who tried to be

E-types — everything to everybody — might be burned out before the

dawn of the new millennium. Among the advice: "Learn relaxation and

stress management techniques. Make small changes, a couple of steps at

a time." And "be process-oriented rather than performance-oriented."

Reading that now, it all seems like the formula for the new boom in an

exercise movement like Pilates. What’s interesting is that back in

1989, when U.S. 1 photographer Craig Terry needed some bodies to

illustrate our premise, they were all women. (Two of the four —

Janell Byrne and Mary Pat Robertson — now teach Pilates as well as

dance.) Today, when we dispatched Terry to Anthony Rabara’s Pilates

studio, the photo participants included two businessmen. We are all —

men and women — getting older, and some are getting wiser and more

limber as well, enjoying the process as much as much as the


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Summer Fiction

The Thought Police have been out lately, and one of their

investigations has been fixed on our announcement of this year’s

Summer Fiction issue. In that ad (printed in this issue on page 16) we

referred to the Sopranos television show and the rave reviews being

bestowed upon the screenwriters of the HBO. Did we realize, several

people asked us, that the Sopranos applauds violence, especially male

violence and control over women?

We certainly understand the concern and the controversy surrounding

the show, but we hope it doesn’t obscure our point: That people still

like a good story, a piece of writing with a beginning, middle, and

end. We hope writers will direct their submissions to our annual

fiction issue, which will undoubtedly be weighted in favor of themes

and places pertinent to the professionals of the greater Princeton

business community. We will leave the searing details of fictional

organized crime families in northern New Jersey to the producers of

HBO in California and New York.

Please turn to page 16 for details on the submission process.

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