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This column was prepared for the May 16, 2001 edition of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved.

Between the Lines

If you work at a law firm that is not represented in

this issue’s round up of law practices, here’s the long and short

of it: Your firm did not respond to our request for information.

In April we sent out faxes to the nearly 300 law firms listed in the

U.S. 1 Business Directory. We invited each firm to choose three practice

areas for our index and to provide other details not normally included

in our directory. Those that responded are listed under such practice

areas as Business Law, Immigration Law, and Patent Law and Intellectual

Property, starting on page 15. Year-round, requests for this issue

come in: "Where can I find a patent lawyer? A divorce lawyer?"

Rather than make suggestions, we send out the issue.

The listings are surprisingly entertaining. You may have known there

are attorneys who specialize in product liability or construction

litigation or entertainment. Of course, we wish you all well and hope

you will never need a lawyer for anything other than buying a house,

selling a business, or conferring great wealth upon your heirs. But

if you are looking for an attorney, here is a place to start.

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To the Editor

Once again I am amazed at the ignorance of the general

public about service dogs. On May 5 my Seeing Eye dog Flora and I

attended the benefit of the Princeton Senior Resource Center at the

Doral Forrestal. Towards the end of the evening a waitress came up

to me asked if I would like some chicken to give to my dog, and I

said "no thank you." She then asked if I would like to take

it home with me to give to her later, and again I declined her offer.

A few minutes later I sensed that my dog was chewing on something

and reached down to discover a chicken leg sticking out of her mouth.

I pried her jaws open and removed the bone. I can only assume, because

of her persistence, that the waitress must have believed that she

could get away with it since I would not see her, making it all the

more offensive.

One obvious reason for not feeding my dog in a restaurant is so that

she will lie quietly under the table and will not beg for food. Secondly,

most people know that chicken bones splinter and are extremely dangerous

for dogs.

I applaud Princeton Borough for the wonderful signs they have hung

in their restaurants welcoming service dogs, following our last incident

a year ago. In addition, I urge restaurant owners to please educate

their staff that these animals are to be admired and ignored. For

me, this encounter put a damper on what was otherwise an elegant and

enjoyable evening.

Sue Tillett

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HATS OFF to Nicole Plett’s review of "Sorrow and Rejoicing."

How I envy her that she was able to go and see the play, but after

reading her review, I felt I was there. As a long-time fan of John

Glover’s, I was glad to read that he did such a good job and seemed

to enjoy himself in the process.

Carla Maicke

Country Insurance and Financial Services

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