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Between the Lines

On the day the U.S. 1 Business Directory gets


we steel ourselves for complaints. No matter how hard we try, there

will be mistakes. This year, nevertheless, the phones didn’t ring

off the hook and most of the calls were from people who had not


to our requests for information and wanted to fix their listings for

next year.

One early call came from the receptionist at MarketSource. She had

opened the book to check her company’s listing and found an error

regarding information on its various divisions. Smart woman.

A couple of calls came from companies who were unhappy with their

placement on the top 10 lists, determined by the number of employees.

Most of the time, they didn’t understand our methodology and wanted

to use a national employee count, when our policy is to chart only

the number of employees in the greater Princeton area.

But there were several egregious errors, and now’s the time to correct

them. We had the wrong fax number for Mount Lucas Management Corp.

at 47 Hulfish Street (609-683-1523). Since the company never received

our fax, it was unable to correct our information. The 11-person firm

was founded in 1986. New Jersey Legal Services, which does copying

and printing, was listed under services for law firms, when it should

have been put in the general printing category.

The E-mail address for Crossroads Personnel is

Based in Monmouth Junction, it is a full-service employment agency

specializing in permanent placements for office support, accounting,

technical, and scientific candidates in the pharmaceutical and biotech


The scariest glitches were the ones "untouched by human hand."

Every year around directory time, several forms in our database go

haywire and seemingly disappear. This year we discovered the omissions

on the very morning that the directory went to press. We managed to

paste in one correction. The other was U.S. Trust, which should have

had two listings. The main office on Vaughn Drive had disappeared

from our database but the branch listing on Palmer Square remained.

We did not get that one fixed. You will be hearing more about U.S.

Trust when it moves to the corner of Alexander Road and Vaughn Drive.

This year’s directory has only a few category changes (and we received

relatively few complaints regarding our categorizations). But next

year we will have to make some major changes to more narrowly define

the various Internet-based activities. Should a company that has


for the Web be put under software or E-commerce? Is all future


going to be web related? Should a firm that helps a company get on

the Web be put into a special marketing category, or is every


company going to be working in cyberspace? We invite your suggestions.

The directory sells for $13.95 in bookstores or at our office at 12

Roszel Road. Send a check for $17.95 and we will mail one first class.

Some of the information — company names by category, phone, fax,

E-mail and home page — is available on our website at

Take a look.

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