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Between the Lines

Being featured on the cover of U.S. 1 Newspaper may not

get global attention for your business, but it will certainly draw

some local notoriety. Your face will stare back at you from dozens of

news boxes in public places, hundreds of racks in office lobbies, and

thousands of tables in the reception areas of offices small and large.

So we get lots of calls asking us to profile their businesses, and, by

the way "put me on the cover." Sometimes there is the not-too-subtle

(and carefully ignored) suggestion, "AND I’m an advertiser." Meanwhile

we make our cover decisions based on what and who is making news in

the Princeton business community.

The cover for the annual Women in Business issue is a particular plum.

This year we chose Michelle Kuplic, the CEO in a technology company,

an area where women are beginning to make substantial inroads but can

still be considered beyond the norm. Kuplic had been in her job for

seven weeks when we put her on the cover (January 31). Not only did

she have an interesting woman’s story to tell, but an interesting

technology story as well. Her company, Eulix Networks, was a spinoff

of NEC USA on Independence Way, and her technology was a special

telecom switch.

We use the past tense for Kuplic’s company, and here comes the "watch

out what you wish for" reminder. Kuplic’s company is now out of

business (see page tk). But for her being on the cover, we might not

have reported much more on this downsizing than a minimal account of

what happened. Because we featured her so prominently, not only did we

investigate the demise of this company (thanks to a tip from a reader

— the closing had not been announced) but we are also re-running her


When you are in a high-profile position you can enjoy the sunlight.

But you can also expect some outside comments from all sides and from

below. As many veteran CEOs — male or female — might be thinking,

"welcome to the club, Ms. Kuplic."

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To the Editor

Every week when the newest edition of U.S. 1 arrives, I

find myself marveling at the quality of journalism that distinguishes

this publication. The issues you cover are timely, interesting, and

well researched, providing real insight into the people and

professions that make our community so vibrant. Beyond the business

beat, I want to thank you in particular for your thorough and

articulate coverage of the cultural scene in our region. Your writers

wonderful and so clearly knowledgeable about the subjects they

profile. All this from a free paper — how do you do it?

May I pass on one suggestion? As an adjunct to your Business to

Business directory, could you consider publishing an annual guide to

the cultural resources of our area — listing museums, theaters,

performing arts centers, galleries, cultural festivals, etc., and

bringing to the task the same professionalism that animates your

weekly publication. It would be great to be able to turn to one

definitive source for all of this information, and your staff seems

ideally qualified to handle the project.

Marsha Child

Marsha Child Contemporary

220 Alexander Street

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