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Published in U.S. 1 Newspaper on June 14, 2000. All rights reserved.

Between the Lines

Although we have not asked the research department to

investigate this matter, we have a gut feeling that there are fewer

individual doctors listed in the Health and Fitness Directory that is

being distributed with this issue of U.S. 1.

That doesn’t mean that the Health and Fitness directory is any less

robust than in years past — in fact, at 68 pages it is the biggest

one we have ever asked our deliverers to shoulder. But we do suspect

that in this era of managed care and big medicine there are fewer

individual and small group practices.

As we said, we will ask the research department to investigate.

Meanwhile we know for sure that there are more non-MD practitioners

than ever before. Fitness counselors, wellness counselors, diet

counselors, massage therapists, and even a counselor to help allay the

stress associated with golf — they are all listed in this directory.

We should not be surprised: When our boss came down with a terrible

case of carpal tunnel a few years ago, was the remedy a trip to the

surgeon or an ergonomic chair? The chair, thankfully, did the trick,

and at $600 was a lot less costly than the trip to the doctor would

have been.

The lesson may be that health and wellness are no longer matters to be

reserved for visits to the doctor’s offices. That’s why, in

conjunction with the publication of this Directory, U.S. 1 is also

sponsoring a free Health and Fitness Fair on Tuesday, June 27, from 4

to 7 p.m. at the Holiday Inn on Route 1 South at Ridge Road. Details

of the fair are listed on page 47 of this issue, but we should note

that the lesson above also is being applied by some of the medical

doctors themselves: Five MDs — plastic surgeons and an

ophthalmologist — are coming to Health Fair to address issues and

concerns regarding plastic surgery and laser eye surgery.

We urge you to join us that evening for valuable information and for a

chance to meet other wellness-minded professionals.

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To the Editor

Thank you for that lovely piece on Dr. Miele and their new

facility on Alexander Road (U.S. 1, June 7.) They are wonderful

veterinarians and the staff is equally compassionate.

Over the 15 years of ownership of our cat Susie we had many dealings

with the staff. This increased markedly as Susie aged and became

diabetic. Little did we know that Dr. Jim was a specialist (more or

less by accident) in feline diabetes. This happened mostly by

word-of-mouth as more clients heard of his excellent practice.

As Susie aged and declined we spent quite a bit of time (and money) at

the hospital in West Windsor. The staff is uniformly superb. From the

Mieles themselves to the technicians, the entire operation is

professional and compassionate. Special thanks to Dr. Emily Jarvis,

who attended Susie frequently toward the end. Dr Jim was there to

offer his recommendation that is was time to put Susie to sleep and

did that for us himself. These are very special people and I thank

U.S. 1 for turning the spotlight on them. They deserve every success.

Leslie Fox


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