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Maybe you saw the article in this Monday’s Times

entitled "Nameless in New Jersey." The piece, by Iver Peterson,

chronicled the continuing struggle of Trenton mayor Douglas Palmer to

keep his city’s name in the public eye as major institutions —

obviously trying to cultivate the lucrative suburban audience outside

the capital city — drop Trenton from their names.

Thus Trenton State College becomes the College of New Jersey. The new

arena becomes the Sovereign Bank Arena at Mercer County — that’s

right, "at" Mercer County. And the Trenton Times newspaper becomes

just the Times — though a lot of us still refer to it as the "Times

of Trenton" so we don’t confuse any of you who assume (correctly) that

the Times referred to in the first sentence of this column is the New

York Times.

At one point, the Times (of New York) continued, Mayor Palmer wore a

Trenton High School baseball uniform to a county freeholders meeting,

to lobby for Trenton in the name of the new minor league baseball

club. He was successful and we now have the aptly named Trenton

Thunder as opposed to, say, the Mercer Monsoon.

We can appreciate Palmer’s efforts and say that we are even doing our

small part to support him. U.S. 1, we think, is a name big enough to

accommodate Princeton and Trenton — and even New Brunswick — as well

as almost a dozen other municipalities that fall within our

circulation area.

We won’t kid you or Mayor Palmer: Princeton — specifically the corner

of Route 1 and Alexander Road, technically West Windsor — is still

the ground zero of U.S. 1 newspaper’s circulation base. But the newest

U.S. 1 Directory, coming your way March 22, will contain listings of

more Trenton businesses than ever before. The directory is subtitled

"Your Source for Business in Central New Jersey" and we would be

remiss if we didn’t include the many resources of Trenton in it.

On top of all that, and in response to some vigorous lobbying by a

wide range of Trenton supporters, we are now delivering papers every

Wednesday to downtown Trenton. Walk up and down State Street these

days and you might think you were in lower Manhattan or downtown

Philadelphia. And the best news of all for us is that the Trenton

business audience is picking up our paper. "U.S. 1 makes," we tell

ourselves as we drive into the state capital, "and Trenton takes."

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Of Hot Poems

Thank you for your generous coverage of our first ever

"Hot Poems by Cool Women" (U.S. 1, February 9). We are all amazed that

Pat Summers could assimilate so much input from such a disparate crew,

and form it into something cohesive and enticing.

Your work brought us a Standing Room Only crowd. All of us have been

to Micawber readings, one of my most recent being Maxine Kumin’s. And

this was the largest audience we have experienced there — literally,

beyond chairs. Arriving half an hour early, in an electrified mood

like a Broadway opening. What fun!

Carolyn Foote Edelmann

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